Summer Moods

Abalone Shell, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Despite my pack-rat tendencies, I really love having my surroundings simple and serene. Every so often, I spend a day clearing away the clutter that seems to creep in around me, and for a few days at least, things have the serenity that I strive for. This large abalone shell was a recent find at a flea market in Colorado. it sits on the table beside my living room chair where I sit when stitching. The combination of shells and shades of white just says "summer" to me!

Another area that received a tidying up is the top of the china cabinet. Here I've displayed some of my stoneware. The coffeepot was my mother's while the other items are things I've found here and there. The old mirror with it's aged silvering catches the light beautifully!

Vine on the Green Bag
My summer mood has been carried across into my stitching as well. A vine has sprouted across some patchwork which will be on the side of the bag.

Textured stitches
Over the past few months, as I've learned about various types of decorative quilting type stitches, I've really come to love the texture they add. The process of adding the stitching is lovely and slow, a chance to savor handling the cloth and watching it grow. Though I must admit that I'm getting anxious to finish this so that I can use it!


JenMeister said…
It's coming along beautifully... I love the shades of green & the textured stitches!
Anonymous said…
I love coming to your blog. There is always and sense of calm and peace. Love the colors and texture of your needle work. Thanks so much for sharing. Suzie in Idaho
Anonymous said…
I've been gone and I just checked in to see what you have been up to. I love the addition of the vine, it's really a nice surprise to see it among the little blocks:) Mary
wendy said…
Very pretty! and I love the textured stitches! Have a wonderful week!
Rachel said…
There's always a tipping point, isn't there, between "I'm just enjoying working on this" and "Ok, now I want it Finished!"..

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