Seaside Vignette 2010 and summer stitching

Seaside Vignette 2010, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The old white shelf has received it's seasonal makeover! I love pulling out the seashells, the pale aqua bottles with their lovely patina, the mermaid dotee doll and the painting I had done. Each year it is a joy to bring these things out, add or take away an item or two and shift things around a bit for this year's vignette. There is something about the creamy shades of white and shell with the pale aqua glass against it that just makes my heart happy. You'd never know that I've lived landlocked all my life and only been the sea a handful of times!

seaside pieces
Two of my summer stitching projects also follow the seaside color theme of creamy whites, pale aqua and linen shades. These have now been "invisibly basted" using Jude's technique. It gives the pieces a substantial feel with an added depth somehow.

Green Bag side 1
There has been progress on the green bag as well. Most of the stitching on the first side is complete. The little appliqued bunnies remind me of the girl scout badges I used to earn for my sash! Now, the bluebirds are coming... pics to be posted soon!

For Jude's Spirit Cloth Class, I've been working on this piece, which is coming to be known in my mind as "Ever After." I loved the movie of that title and I found the more recent movie, "Enchanted" to be, well, simply enchanting! As someone who is always dreaming, always hoping, this piece somehow is becoming emblematic of my dreaming nature. Beautiful fragments, stitched together into something delightful! I'm curious to see where it will end up!


Again looking at your blog and my heart starts beating super fast! I need to get a book on how to do ribbon embroidery. ~Shelley O.
Anonymous said…
I love Jude's spirit cloth, it's really nice. The heart turned out so interesting. It was hard for me to picture it until I could look at the whole piece tonight. I was at Judi's this past weekend and I told her I wonder how you accomplish so much and work. I'm so glad you are able to because I would miss your BLOG if I didn't have it to come back to:) Mary
Sherry said…
Hi, Lisa! I can so identify with your love of the sea though landlocked. The same is true for me. Maybe we lived by the sea in previous lives! I love your little shelf's treasures and the spirit cloth you have started in those wonderful colors!

Sherry in Little Rock
Love the soft, gentle colors in this post; so lovely!
allie aller said…
I agree with Sandra...the colors are so serene....
I am wondering about that "invisible basting"...seems like a very interesting approach! Did you write about it somewhere and I missed it?
Have a great 4th....
Anonymous said…
Your blog is an inspiration and a visual feast on a daily basis. Thanks so much for sharing your values and your passion for stitching. Gorgeous header for your page. Pink roses are my all time favorite. God bless and be well.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I love the new pink roses in the white pitcher.
Rose Anne B said…
Oh my I just love the Ever After piece and it's name too! Beautiful!

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