A Bit of Bunny Lace!

Lace from Susie, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

When I got back from Colorado this past week, a box was waiting for me from one of my blog readers, Susie W! It was filled with spools of wonderful cotton eyelet lace and a bag with these pieces of crocheted lace! Susie said, "The cute little bunny also needs to find a home with you!" As you can imagine, I thought so too and so as I've been working on the Green Bag, I think I've found a spot for it! Thank you so much Susie for the delightful box of goodies!

Green bag side 2
In order to make progress on the green bag, I sewed one side seam so that I could wrap the elements around from front to back. It makes working on the bag a bit awkward at times, but allows the elements to flow freely around the bag without being interrupted by seams. I ended up leaving out the woven cloth piece I'd originally intended to include. It just didn't seem to work as I progressed. Instead, I've added more of the little 1" squares done in 9-patch.

Lace Bunny
I'm thinking the bunny lace will fit nicely here! I've got some narrow velvet ribbon in shades of mossy green that I may use to help it become one with the rest of the piece.

On the first side, I've added some bluebirds among the trees. The western and mountain bluebirds are one of the first signs that spring is coming here in Flagstaff. I love watching them flying through the trees and listening to their beautiful song! I'm thinking there will be a few more before the bag is finished!


Suztats said…
It's coming along beautifully, and I'm eager to see what you do next.
Leone said…
Your work is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it on your blog.
Susie Wolfe said…
I'm so happy that little bunny found a good home with you. He seems to have hopped right into things with ease.

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