22Jan10 1300pm 02, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Flagstaff has been getting snow all week. The first storm on Monday dropped about 1 foot. The storm on Tuesday dropped another foot. Then, Wednesday night, the big storm hit bringing lots of moisture from storm ravaged California.

21Jan10 0800am
When I got home from work Thursday morning, the neighbor and I shoveled the walk in front of our apartment. Per weather reports, we had 12" or more of snow on top of the earlier snow.

21Jan10 1700pm rain
By late afternoon, we'd gotten about 26" of snow, but then the snow turned into pouring rain. It melted off some of the snow and gave us a break from shoveling. It almost looks like the piles of snow decreased.

22Jan10 1300pm 01
Friday morning, the rain turned back to snow. Snow depth of 36" or more! It's coming down so fast that by the time you reach the end of the walk, it needs done again! I'm so grateful for great neighbors that all take turns helping to keep our walk clear! I'm also grateful that despite the heavy wet snow we haven't lost power, though several business around town have had major roof collapses.

The snow is supposed to keep falling until mid-day Saturday!

22Jan10 1500 pm
Edit: 3:00 pm The snow on the hillside behind the apartment.

22Jan10 1500 pm
The wall of snow off the patio is at least 4 1/2 feet deep!


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