Neck Warmer

Neck Warmer, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Project 3 finished!

When I'm sitting and working on a handwork project, I often find that my neck gets cold with the result that the rest of me gets cold too. Putting something around my neck keeps me warm and keeps my arms free for working. I wanted a little scarf to be used indoors, so not too long and not too wide and not too bulky.

neck warmer swatches
I knit several swatches first but felt that they were too fussy for what I wanted. In the end, I decided on a simple seed stich pattern. Here are the instructions.

Seed Stitch Neck Warmer
3 1/2" wide x 39" long
Paton's Classic Wool - 1 Skein (I used about 1/2 a skein in Leaf Green)
1 pair knitting needles, US size 7 or 4.5mm
1 crochet hook US size G

Loosely cast on (I use a knitted cast on) 17 stitches leaving a long tail about 2 to 3 yards long for edging. Wrap tail into small hank or wrap on bobbin to keep out of the way while knitting.

First row only: K2, (p1, k1) for 12 stitches, p1, k2
All other rows: Slip 1 purlwise, (k1, p1) for 14 stitches, k2
Knit for desired length. I knit mine 37" long.

Loosely bind off, cutting tail about 2 to 3 yards long, bringing tail through last stitch to secure.

With crochet hook, make a slip stitch in first stitch. Do 5 double crochets in 2nd or 3rd stitch from sl st , sl st in 2nd or 3rd stitch from dbl crochets, repeat across for 3 shells. I eyeballed the placement of the 3 shells across the end rather than counting out stitches. Repeat for other end. Weave end through.

(with thanks to Myrna Stahman author of "Stahman's Shawls & Scarves for how to begin and end the rows for a nice smooth edge.)


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