Block 2 Finished!

Block 2 Finished!, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
What a joy it is to finish a block that I am so pleased with! This block had a few unfinished spots that I wasn't sure what to do with for the longest time, but at long last it is fully complete!

Block 2 oak leaves
First, I added the satin stitch oak leaves and tatted butterfly. I also added some bead embellisment to the lower left seam on the block (visible in the full photo above) to fill in some of the empty space.

Block 2 Cast on flowers
The last patch to finish was the beige velvet. I love the texture and look of velvet but don't really like embroidering on it as it can be difficult to make the stitching stand out well. After perusing many embroidery books, I decided to try some little flowers, almost like a patch of chamomile. With chain stitched centers and cast-on stitch petals and fly stitch fronds, I'm quite pleased with the way this patch ended up!

Block 3 swags
Block 3 is also underway. Along side a piece of lace, I've embroidered two different swag treatments. One with many french knots using a white/ivory/verypale pink variegated thread, and the other with a chain stitch swag and two types of bouquets. For the small leaves I used a padded fishbone stitch. The fern like leaves use a regular fishbone stitch.

Block 3 leafy vine
On a patch of lovely silk charmeuse, I embroidered more vining buttonhole stitch leaves! I love doing these and love the effect of the rayon thread on the charmeuse!

Bulb Basket
Here in Flagstaff, we are gearing up for lots of snow with a possible total of 5 feet or more of snow by the end of the week. The larder is stocked and essentials such as firewood and water laid in just in case we lose power. The basket of blooming bulbs is such a beacon of hope that spring will come, even when the snow falls steadily outside and the world is clothed in icy white. I love having this spot of green inside!


Anonymous said…
C'est magnifique... superbe, wonderfull :-))
Eve (France)

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