Snow (blizzard?) and Decorating

Morning snow, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

After listening to dire warnings of an impending blizzard all weekend, I woke this morning to softly falling feathery flakes of snow and a landscape changed overnite by a dusting of white. Seeing the snow put me in the mood for Christmas decorating!

Miss Mollie had to help by checking everything out. This decorating is serious stuff you know!

Top Shelf 2
Top Shelf 1
First, I decorated the tops of the tall bookcases with some bottle brush trees. I like the old fashioned and simple look of them with the crockery. Other than the wreath on my front door and the peace ornament, they are my only decorating purchase this year ~ and a bargain too at $5 for a package of 21 assorted trees!

White Shelf
The old white shelf was dressed for the season as well, with mercury glass votive holders and my favorite Willow Tree figurine, Peace on Earth, some sheep and more bottle brush trees.

The set of wooden houses sits on the old treadle sewing machine in the entry this year. Thomas was uninterested in decorating unless he received a bit of attention too!

Stellars Jay
Throughout the day there were bird visitors coming to the feeders including this dapper looking Stellars Jay! Love their top knot of feathers that jiggles as they move!

China Cabinet
Inside, the decorating continued. The faux feather tree was placed on top of the china cabinet and dressed with white and green ornaments. A trio of candles decorates the other side. Though I remembered when the furnace came on why I don't burn many candles in this apartment. The ductwork is just below the ceiling and it creates quite a draft which gutters the candles and if it doesn't blow them out, causes them to smoke something terrible. I might have to look for some tall hurricane globes to use around them so I can have them lit now and then. The votives in their holders do just fine, thankfully! I do love being able to light a candle in the evening!

Evening snow
Outside, as the snow piled deeper and deeper. No longer a dusting but now soft pillows and comforters of snow lay over everything. No blizzard yet, at least where I am at, but maybe later tonight. As night fell, the sky turned pinky shades of lavender that was reflected in the snow. A lovely end to a cozy day at home!


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