A Pincushion for my Sis!

Hollys PC 01Dec09 01, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

My sister recently moved into a new home and is so happy to have a crafting room of her own now. She calls it her "Lil Black and Bling French Craft Room". The room has grey walls and the rest is in Black and White with one cushion on the daybed of wine-red roses. For part of her Christmas gift, I made her a functional pincushion for her sewing table to match the room's theme!

Hollys PC 01Dec09 03
Working in black and white was a challenge for me as it can be difficult to make the stitching and lace show up on both sides of the seams. In the end, it all came out!

Hollys PC 01Dec09 04
The top of the pincushion has a large open area of black wool for lots of pins! Included in the gift were two packages of pins, one in pearly white, one in pearly red to go with!

Hollys PC 01Dec09 02
Love you Sis!

Holly Xmas Morn
(I think she liked it!)


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