A Change in Plans...

Snow 22Dec09, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

A sudden shift in the weather forecast left me wondering if I should still head home to Colorado or stay in Arizona. The snow started on Tuesday afternoon. The travel outlook for northern New Mexico and southern Colorado turned to snow, high winds and winchills of -30. Not very enjoyable or safe for a trip home, so I cancelled my trip home for the holidays.

Snow 23Dec09
The next morning, the landscape had been transformed into a winter wonderland!

Snow Scene 23Dec09
We received 9" of fluffy snow as well as icy roads locally. Then I heard reports that road conditions had deteriorated on my travel route. I was glad I made the decision to stay home.

Tucson 24Dec09
Instead of heading to Colorado, on Christmas Eve, I made the journey to Tucson to spend Christmas with my sister and her husband's family. It was a lovely 64 degrees F when we arrived!

Bouganvilla 01 24Dec09
There were even flowers in bloom! The bouganvilla was lovely in the evening sun. The tree in the background is a lime-quat covered in loads of fruit! Very tasty!

Christmas Rose 24Dec09
There was even a Christmas rose blooming!

Bouganvilla 02 24Dec09
I couldn't get enough of the gorgeous bouganvilla! So bright and cheerful!

H n G 24Dec09
Christmas ended up being lovely, even though it wasn't quite what I had originally planned. This pic is of my lovely sister and her hubby on Christmas eve!

Hope that you each had a wonderful Christmas!
Blessings and peace to everyone!


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