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Wow! There were an unbelievable 130 entries for the give-away! And the number of followers grew from 100 to 123 over the course of this drawing! I am so stunned, that I've added two bonus prizes to the mix! The first bonus is the larger crazy quilted art piece above. It's about 3 x 4". The second bonus is the smaller ATC sized crazy quilted art piece above!

A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog and to all who participated in the give-away! You are all treasures!

To do the drawing, I printed out all the comments, then numbered then in order, dropping duplicate comments. Then, because a random number generator seems so impersonal and drawing slips of paper out of a bowl by myself didn't seem like much fun, I texted my kids and had each of them quickly choose a random number from 1 to 130 and text it back to me. Since I have 4 kids of my own and 1 "foster" son, I got back 5 results. The first place winner was choosen by my first child, the 2nd by the 2nd and so on. So, without further ado... here are the winners!

Jonathan picked the number 3 so the 1st place goes to JenMeister! She gets the Purple and Green Pincushion!

How exciting! I would say #1 Purple, it looks like a small flowery
knoll & #2 Rose - it reminds me a lot of IBR! Lovely JenMeister

Jessie picked the number 50 so the 2nd place goes to Julie Mackinder! She gets the Rosey pincushion!

Congratulations on 100 followers Lisa, 101 now as I've signed up
too. I've been following on Bloglines up to now.I would love any of the
pincushions, they are all delightful. If I have to choose pink, purple, blue.
The blue is beautiful but I would be frightened to use it and get it dirty!
Julie Mackinder

Stephen picked the number 55 so the 3rd place goes to Ruby Ruehle who gets the blue pincushion!

I have enjoyed my visit to your blog.Lovely photos on the hiking
trail! Amy sent me over to enter the giveaway. Purple seems to be a favorite but
I wonder why it's not 'the green'? LOL There is as much green fabric in it as
purple! I'm just being quirky. All are lovely so purple, rose or blue if I'm a
winner! Thanks for sharing!Ruby C Ruehle

Zach picked the number 75 so the large bonus CQ art piece goes to Pam Coombes!

love your pincushions. aiaf I was lucky enough to win one, I would
give it to my neighbour who is ill and having a bit of a battle. she would love
purple, then pink and then blue. Thank you for the chance to participate. Pam in
Oz pam coombes

Gary picked the number 22 so the ATC CQ goes to Linda Schiffer!

Do people who subsribe by rss feed show as 'followers'? I read
every entry you make -- love to see what you are up to. I particularly like the
purple pincushion -- the colors, the stitches, wonderful! Linda

Congratulations ladies! E-mails going out to each of you for your snail mail addresses!


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