Happy Thoughts!

Carnations 03Oct09, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

There are so many little things that give me joy right now! The pitcher filled with white carnations, reflected in the old mirror. They last for such a long time!

Princess Mollie
Watching Mollie Kitty choose her perfect "Princess and the pea" spot atop the tub of wool yarns that I was organizing! She seemed quite content, though not thrilled that I bothered her by taking a picture! She never fails to make me smile!

Autumn leaves
The beautiful changing leaves outside. I love this time of year when the change is in full swing and leaves crunch underfoot and fly gaily through the air on the breeze!

Though I didn't get a picture of them, the bowl of apples on my counter, waiting to be used in baking makes me happy too! Time to dig out the old apple dumpling recipe!

I'd love to know a few of the things that bring you joy on these autumn days!


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