Snow Day

Boxwood wreath, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

This past weekend, before the snow came, I clipped some branches from the boxwood and created a small wreath to hang in the living room window with a swag of little white lights.
Snow 16Dec08 01
It has been snowing lightly but not accumulating off and on for the past couple of days ~ and yes, it really does snow (a lot!) in the mountains of northern Arizona! After eagerly watching the forecast, which predicted lots of snow last night, I woke this morning to a quiet winter wonderland!
Snow 16Dec08 02
I love seeing each branch outlined in snow and the birds sitting in the tops of the trees. As soon as I returned inside, the birds returned to the feeders. The sound of birds chirping provides a pleasant background to the whirr of the sewing machine as I work to finish up some Christmas gifts! It's a lovely day to be tucked up inside! Outside, the snow still falls and tonight we expect many more inches! Time for a warm mug of hot chocolate!


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