Christmas Eve

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Greetings from Colorado! Last week, my sister surprised me with a plane ticket home to see my parents and kids for the holidays, so there was a flurry of activity preparing for the trip, travelling and then enjoying time with my family! Since then, the time has flown by and I’ve not found the time to sit and write a proper post. So, a little bit of catching up and bits of posts I started to write!
Red Bird
First, I want to let everyone know that Jacque from New Zealand was the winner of “Joy”! It will be going out in the mail to her after Christmas! And one of these days I’ll get a picture of the completed piece posted!

Secondly, please add Adrienne and her family to your prayers. Her son-in-law passed away unexpectedly yesterday, leaving behind his wife and three young children. My heart goes out to them and I know they will appreciate your prayers on their behalf in this difficult time.

In light of Adrienne’s news, it seems appropriate to post what I started to write yesterday, even though it’s now a bit late.
Silver Bell
December 23rd: Nine years today since our fire. What a different day this is though. That year, the sky was crystalline blue, the ground dry and brown and the temperature warm enough that I needed only a light sweater. This year, it is cold, the sky a soft gray blanket, pink around the edges in the morning light and the ground covered in white and cold enough to need to bundle up inside as well as out. When I see the date on the computer, it makes me stop and remember. I guess some things you never forget. But then I also think of all the wonderful changes that have taken place in my life since then, many of them that never would have happened but for the fire. It makes the remembering easier. A reminder that God is always at work in us for good and not evil, that he has a larger view of our lives than we do, that what seems disastrous and overwhelming at the time, can be overcome with faith, perseverance and determination, eventually turning into something more wonderful than we can imagine.

Blessings and Christmas Joy to everyone this Christmas Eve! May you have abudant peace and much joy!


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