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Abraham Darby, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Come take a walk with me, down memory's lane, and visit my old garden. I have been missing this garden and it's bounty of luscious roses and other flowers. These pictures were taken between 2002 and 2004 before I moved away.
rose Arbor
Come down the sidewalk and visit for a bit!
Climbing Rose spray
The rose was planted by the previous owners. All they were able to tell me about the climbing rose was that it was pink. When we bought the house, it was cut all the way to the ground. By August it had reached the gutter and I knew it was really a climbing rose, so a dear friend built the lovely arbor for me. The rose flourished on the arbor as you can see!
Front Walk
On through the arbor towards the front. The rose by the front porch is the English rose, Abraham Darby, one of my all time favorites! Such a lovely spicy scent and luscious colors!
Front walk flowers
As you walk down the front walk we pass the table where we can sit and share a cup of tea.
Front bed
This is the front bed in early June, before the roses have taken over. Filled with soap wort, flowering thyme, sea thrift and small varieties of campanula.
Front Gardens
Later in June, the Delphinium skyrocket with lush pale blue spires amidst the roses. The climber on the left end of the porch is a New Dawn rose. In Colorado's intense sun, the blooms are nearly white and only blushed with a tiny amount of palest pink.
Dianthus & Bunny
I've posted more pictures of my garden to my Flickr account. I would be delighted if you stopped to take a look! The potted plants on my patio pale in comparison to my garden of old. One day, I'll have another garden. Until then, I'll dream of the pink and apricot roses and pale blue delphinium of my old garden.

Abraham Darby


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