Catching Up

Linen Zippered Bag, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

This week's to do list includes many things that I need to "catch up" on. Lots of projects nearing completion, a trip to prepare for, swaps to acknowledge and time to process the passing on of one of my life inspirations.
Embroidery and Buttons
One of the sewing projects I've been working on is a set of small linen zippered bags. I finished the smallest one and had to show you! It gives me a chance to use some of the cherished mother of pearl buttons that have been languishing in the button jar. When I got the embroidery done, I thought it needed something more, so I added the bone bunny charm.
Linen bag opening
The inside is lined with a soft green calico that I love.
my Tasha Tudor Book collection
Earlier this week illustrator and author Tasha Tudor passed away at 92 years of age. While I mourn her passing, I also stand in awe of the enormous body of work she left behind. I've been collecting her books and have a shelf full of them that I peruse frequently.
A Time to Keep
My favorite Tasha Tudor book is "A Time to Keep". Each month is depicted with verse, pictures and activities that I find charming and beautiful. She illustrated an idyllic world that has been an enormous inspiration in my own, ever since I received my first Tasha Tudor book, "And It Was So" when I was 2 or 3 years old.
Private World of Tasha Tudor
Probably the best glimpse into her life is the three books photographed by Richard Brown; "The Private World of Tasha Tudor", "Tasha Tudor's Garden", and "The Heirloom Crafts of Tasha Tudor." The family of Tasha Tudor also operates a website which offers many of her works for sale and a short biography as well as monthly "Tea Stories" about Tasha's life. The family is also working to create a museum to honor Tasha's life.

One of my fond memories of Tasha Tudor occured In 2002 when I was priviledged to meet Tasha in person and to hear her speak . We had a delightful conversation about spinning wheels and making lifestyle choices in this day and age. The event was held at the Adams Family Farm and many of the individuals mentioned in her books as well as her daughter-in-law Marjorie and grandson Winslow were there. We were able to participate in many of the handcrafts that Tasha undertook in her daily life such as spinning and dying wool and making and using herbal preparations . We also had tea, observed the process of processing maple sap into syrup, gardening Tasha style, sheep shearing and more. My memories are of a wonderful day and I'm so glad I was able to make the trip to Vermont and meet Tasha.
Birds n Bonnets
On to other inspiring artisans. A little while back I participated in Karla and Beth's Birds and Bonnets swap. Each participant created 4 panels, decorated front and back using images supplied by The Vintage Workshop. I made 4 nearly identical panels. Some of the participants created panels that were all differentl. We sent them to Karla and Beth who then compiled them into sets of 4 and sent them to all the participants. I received my set a week or so ago. What fun to see the way everyone used the same sets of graphics in such varied and interesting ways! I've displayed mine on a shelf in my living room with two birdhouses.
Birds n Bonnets front
Here is a closer look at the front side. From left to right, the panels were made by: Rachel Whetzel, Colleen Jew, Jan Thomason, Sharon Mansell.
Birds n Bonnets back
Here is the reverse side. Artists are same as above but from right to left.

Here are the panels that I made.
Birds n Bonnets swap 1 Birds n Bonnets swap 2
There is more to catch up on, but this will have to do for now! If I spend all my time blogging, I won't get any of the things done that need done!


I love the little zippered bag. I have a thing for buttons and those ones are so pretty, especially the bunny. Nice work.
ErmaMae said…
I have collected buttons since I was a little girl and I use them in my Crazy Quilting Projects, my Quilting Art Projects, and wherever else I can. They are so beautiful, and I decided they needed to come out of my beautiful jars, and let other people share their beauty! Love your bag. I am not good at making bags!

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