April Journal

Violets are one of my top 3 favorite flowers!  When I lived in Iowa, I loved the abundance of them coming up in the grass and made so many bouquets of them.  I had to try my hand at some expressive watercolors and this is the result!  So happy with this theme for April! 

The task list for the month is looking a bit different.  You'll notice that instead of working on some landscaping projects I had intended to start working towards in March, the focus has shifted.  Yes, it looks like I'm preparing to move once again.  I thought I was going to settle here, but the costs of lot rent have risen far faster than anticipated and my funds have depleted a bit faster than I had hoped.  The result is, that I am looking for a small home filled with light and character and a view towards nature and a place to garden, probably somewhere in the midwest.  Your prayers as I embark upon this change would be deeply appreciated.  

The tracker is much the same and I'm still tracking Covid numbers.  

I've added a new tracker page for expenses.  I hope to keep track of everything I spend this month.  Looking to make sure I'm not over spending in any particular area or to see where I need to make changes.  

I actually did a bit of sewing this week.  Some new masks for the grandkids.  They'll be flying to see the other grandparents later this month and since the youngest is now 2, he needs to wear a mask.  My granddaughter also wanted a some new masks for wearing to school.  I made 9 altogether, which brings my total masks made to over 100.  

Kitty Mushu has been active this week and spent more of the week in trouble than not.  He's taken to knocking plants off the windowsills and has chipped the kitchen sink, knocked lamps over, knocked water glasses over, gotten into the storage stuff and knocked down an enormous stack - it was quite the cascade and didn't make Mom-Cat very happy as you can imagine.  He always has to be daring!  

But then he's all sweetness and innocence!  Both lovable to the extreme and yet exasperating to the max!  


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