February Journal Set-up


A new month calls for a new layout in my Journal!  Using the January set-up as my guide made this one easy and quick!  I had more practice watercolors to cut up for the header, so I think I'll continue this theme throughout the year.  This month, the watercolors are in shades of blue and green - one of my favorite color combinations!  Using dot-grid paper, I created a little calendar for the month and listed out the important days.  I choose a new focus verse for the month, one that came up in my devotions during January that spoke to me.  


Overall, the layout is exactly the same as for January.  I have the intro page with focus tasks listed and a page of items I want to track.  With just these two pages to set up, it was quick!  


Many of the focus tasks are the same or are extensions from the January tasks.  Debt payments are ongoing as is downsizing.  Work on the magazine, doing blog posts and hopefully getting back to YouTube videos are also ongoing.  From my yearly task list, I added a few things, such as dealing with more of the stuff in the storage locker, and house/yard stuff that needs done.  I can't do much outside at this time of year, but I can get approvals now so that I'm not delayed once the weather improves.  


The tracker worked really well in January and so I decided to continue with it, unchanged.  There are a few items, such as not snacking on carbs and getting more exercise in that I'd like to improve upon.  I found that tracking how much I was spending on food and other items helped to curb my spending, so I'll continue to track that.  


So here's a look at how the January pages looked like at the end of the month.  As usual, I've covered or blurred things that I'd rather not be public knowledge.  


I continued to journal every day for the entire month!  Some entries are fairly short, while others take up a page or two.  I started adding a gratitude or two at the beginning of every entry.  Thinking about what you are grateful for is a lovely way to end each day.  


Robin said…
Omgosh! Your journals are beautiful. So inspiring.

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