My Dad's Devotions #4

Longs Peak Sunset Jun04

Dial-a-Devotion #4 - 14 Oct 1969
Psalm 121:1,2

“I will lift up mine eyes to the hills; from whom cometh my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”

Many times the ups and downs of everyday life, obstacles that appear at every turn in our path, seem to sap our strength and destroy our enthusiasm for life. Here on the plains, every hill in our path seems a huge barrier that must be surmounted. Yet if we ascend the mountains nearby, the hills on the plain look very small; the higher we rise, the more insignificant they seem. We can climb spiritual mountains as well. Go to the mountain of God, and hold fellowship with him, and the obstacles and foes of our everyday life will soon be seen in their true perspective. They really aren’t so formidable as they seemed from down on low ground.

There is another way to place life’s problems in their proper perspective. On a gray, cloudy day in Boulder, when the sky hangs low, the foothills loom black and foreboding, and seem close at hand. But when the clouds lift and the sun comes out, our eyes are drawn to the white peaks of the high mountains, and we hardly notice the lower hills in the foreground. So it is in life. When we let the low clouds of gloom limit our vision, we see life’s problems looming dark and large. But when we let God’s sunlight illumine our lives, our everyday problems are suddenly dwarfed by the lofty summits of God’s glory and grace.

Boulder Valley view



DH said…
Lisa, I love your dad's devotions! Thank you so much for sharing! This must be such a blessing to you and now to all of us! I also love all your wonderful creations! Your blog is such an inspiration! Thank you, Dawn
Laurie said…
Lisa this is so beautiful! I gave today's message at church, and it was about the very same thing! I used your father's devotion a couple weeks ago, it worked in perfectly with my message. Thank-you so much for sharing with us! I look forward to more.
Such a blessing to find these. Thanks for sharing Lisa!

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