Daddy's Devotion #3

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Dial-a-Devotion #3
by Myron Plooster
Luke 12:34
Psalm 51:15

The Lord told his disciples, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
It does not take long to find out where most people’s treasures are. In just a few minutes of conversation, their words and responses will expose it. Talk to a patriot about his country, and his eyes will light up. Tell a businessman where he can make a profit, and watch his interest rise. Talk to a fashion-conscious woman about clothing styles, and there will be no doubt as to her chief interest. And talk to a child of God, who is really laying up eternal treasures, about his heavenly Father and his future home, and he will respond at once.

But it is sad how many of God’s children are dumb. Any parent would consider it a calamity to have a speechless child. Yet have you ever thought of the numbers of God’s children who are silent? Even our churches are full of them. They can talk at great length about country, business, fashion, politics, or science. But they do not speak of their God.

If Jesus Christ is your savior and mine, let us resolve not to be silent for him. Every one of his followers should bear testimony to him. And how many times we have this opportunity! “Oh Lord, open though my lips, and my mouth shall show forth they praise!”


Laurie said…
Lisa these devotions speak directly to my heart. Your father's devotion on Matthew 5:16 is in my sermon for Sunday. It fit in so perfectly. Thank-you for sharing, once again!
Christine said…
Thank-you for posting this insightful counsel. Such a lovely blog!

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