Happy Independence Day!

As I was working in the yard this evening, I was treated to an impromptu parade coming down the street!  One of the local high schools is just a couple blocks away and the band was practicing for tomorrow's Fourth of July Parade!  What fun to see all these kids out having a great time celebrating! 

The music was great and I loved that so many of the kids had dressed up in patriotic garb! 

The Greeley Fourth of July Parade is a big one and goes on for a couple of hours with bands, floats and usually a fair amount of military flights down the parade route.  People stake out their spots on the parade route a couple weeks in advance in order to get the best spots!  I loved that I had this wonderful preview right from my own yard!  


The garden is blooming gloriously!  I was able to pick this lovely bouquet for one of my DIL's last week!  

This is what the back yard looked like when I moved in back in 2012.

And this is what it looks like today!  I'm so very happy with all the landscaping and house work that we were able to accomplish last summer!  What a difference it makes! 

I did a bit of rearranging of the patio furniture today and set up a nice sitting area where the table used to sit.  I think I'll use it much more with this set up! 

The roses continue to bloom beautifully!  I've got a few new plants to tuck amongst the roses - mainly some bee balm and some pink lupine.  A couple weeks ago, I planted two flats of white Wave petunias and they are already blooming and growing wonderfully! 

The pink Boscobel rose at the end of the bed is such an amazing rose!  It blooms non-stop and with such wild abandon!  Next year, I hope to add another of these to the opposite end of the patio.


Isn't it just glorious?!  And such a lovely sweet scent! 

The fountain is also back up and running for the summer.  The fountain will help to keep the mosquitos at bay and it adds such a lovely soft backdrop of sound to the patio!  Now that the rains have slowed down, the mosquitos aren't as bad and I was able to sit on the patio for a couple of hours this evening!  The perfect end to a lovely day playing in the garden! 


Good morning Lisa ~ What a treat to get to see the practice run parade right from your own yard.

Your home and gardens are really lovely and the gardens have grown in nicely since last year. I know you are enjoying it all.

Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady
Connie said…
What a pleasant surprise . . . having your own little parade:)
I love your backyard. It is exactly what I needed to see right now.
We bought our home last Spring and the first year we spent working mostly on the interior of house and shops. This year I have been busting my butt working outside and trying to plant perennial, put in garden boxes, plant shrubs and trees, and build a railing for the front porch and make our neglected yard place to be proud of. Seeing what you have done and in such a short period of time . . . you have certainly worked your magic on your amazing backyard, it is beautiful. It just goes to show what hard work can accomplish. We have been having triple digit weather and it looks like it is going to continue through this month, so I am having a time keeping things alive and green, but I'm not giving up. Your lovely yard is a true inspiration, thank you. I believe that homes should be loved, just like people.
Have a wonderful day.
Connie :)
Your yard is looking wonderful - I remember all the work you did last year and it's paying off now. Happy Fourth!
Anonymous said…
What an amazing transformation. I truly think I would have walked away from this house. So wonderful you can see so much potential and then see the potential evolve and come alive. I love it!!
msmo said…
You are one amazing person!! I don't know how you manage to keep everything so delightful, but so happy you do and that you share this beauty with others!!! How does having a fountain keep mosquitoes at bay? That puzzles me...I can just imagine the sweet scent imbuing your terrace...everything looks so inviting, Lisa!! Blessings and Peace to you too!
suz said…
love how your yard is coming along - you did an amazing job! What fun to have the high school parade by your house!
Anonymous said…
Your yard is lovely. I too am wondering how the fountain keep mosquitoes away? Or is it simply that it's not standing water for more to hatch from?

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