Wedding Photos - Part 3

The Reception

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While the guests were going through the receiving line, all was in readiness for the reception.  There were paper lanterns in the tree...

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The serving tables were set up underneath.

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Lights were strung over the driveway for dancing later.

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The drink table and even schedule were in front of the garage.

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The flowers on the porch were gorgeous.

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The dining tables were set with antique doilies from my collection, mason jars of lovely flowers, candles and the wedding favors, which were small tins of Jessie and David's special "Wedding Blend". 

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The photo booth was ready for guest to have their photos taken.

I had mine taken with Jonathan (my oldest son).

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After going through the receiving line, guest helped themselves to an assortment of cheese, crackers and assorted olives and pickles on the back patio.  

Then they made their way to the main reception area for beverages.  My sister Holly managed this area and kept everyone well supplied with their choice of lemonade, iced tea with mint or lemon, water, wine or beer!  

Here I must tell you one of the stories of the day. My sister and I started working on wedding stuff at 7:00 a.m. the day of the wedding and were so busy with the flowers and last minute food preparations, that Holly never did get to change into her wedding finery and I barely had a chance to shower and change myself, and never did get to put on my makeup or do my hair that day!  So if you were wondering why the mother of the bride was looking a bit tired and frumpy in the photos, now you know why! 

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As time for dinner drew near, the baskets and platters of food were brought out.

Soon everyone was serving themselves at the buffet under the maple tree.

Seating was in the tents, decorated with lights and lots of flowers!

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It was lovely.

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But the clouds were gathering...

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And soon, though you can't really see it in the photos, it began to rain!  It didn't dampen Jessie's spirits at all! 

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And Holly found a cheerful way to stay dry while serving beverages! 

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After the rain stopped, we gathered for some family portraits.  This is our side of the family ~ slightly extended.  From left to right: Holly (my sister), Amanda and Stephen, Me, Zach, Jessie, Jonathan, David, Becca, Paul, Joel (Laurel's son) , Laurel (Paul's wife), Gary and Marcy.  Love these folks!  

After photos, it was time for cake cutting and toasting.  The dessert table included an assortment of Dutch pastries - Dutch Letters, Stroop Waffles, Dutch Windmill Cookiles, Wilhelmina Mints and cream cheese mints that Jessie and I made.  My Mom used to make cream cheese mints for nearly every wedding our family attended and we kept the tradition going! 

Yet another amazing bouquet of flowers we were able to create from the flowers that Denise gifted to Jessie!  Jessie and I made the flowers for the wedding cake as well.  

There were several toasts - all lovely and filled with love and encouragement for the new couple.

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I loved the glow of lights as the day started to wind down.

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Jonathan had fun with the instant camera and did a great job of catching fun photos of many of the guests! 

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Lots of fun photos! 

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After some dancing under the lights, the evening came to glorious end!   

They spent the first part of their honeymoon at a mountain cabin and the second part of it in Hawaii, where they attended the wedding of David's best man Keith and his new bride Keiko!  

So many good memories.  Despite the craziness of preparations before the ceremony, it was a beautiful celebration and a wonderful day! 


amfuller said…
A beautiful bride, handsome groom, and lovely celebration. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Dawn said…
Everything looked perfectly lovely!!!
What a lovely, happy wedding! The rain did not dampen spirits any.

Congrats to the lovely bride and handsome groom.

The whole thing looked lovely!! Beautiful bride and beautiful setting! Congrats!! xo Jen
Such a beautiful post. You created such a beautiful atmosphere for your daughter and new son-in-law. A fairytale come true!

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