Under The Sea Pincushion

Every year, at the CQI (Crazy Quilting International) Retreat, there is a Crazy Gift Exchange.  The gifts  range from beautiful crazy quilted items to amazing bags of stash enhancement!  Since I've been in pincushion mode this year, I opted to make a CD pincushion for my gift exchange item.  It turned out wonderful and I must admit that I really didn't want to give it away!  

I started off with this block of sea themed fabrics.

When I was done embellishing it, it looked like this.  A lovely block, but with these round pincushion blocks, they really come to life after being shaped.  

Once shaped and pulled together, the block sprang to life!  I embroidered three fishes for this pincushion and added some lovely little bead fish that I found at a local bead-shop along with some tiny shells that I had in my stash, left over from previous under the sea projects.  

A little bit of sea-shell like lace embellishes one seam.

A closer look at one of the fishes.  They are embroidered using two strands of DMC Satin floss in different colors worked together.  Before appliqueing them onto the pincushion, I padded them with a tiny ball of wool roving to given them added dimension.  The fins and tail were embroidered after the body of the fish was appliqued onto the block. 

There are all sorts of beads on this block that give it a shimmer that the camera doesn't pick up easily.  

On the back, I put my usual signature and noted CQI in honor of the retreat.  Connie K. was the lucky winner of this pincushion!  

I was the recipient of a lovely pre-pieced block the size of a table centerpiece in autumn colors to stitch and embellish on my own.  It included a lovely assortment of threads and trims to use as well as enough additional squares of silk to make prairie points to trim the finished block with!  I am looking forward to stitching it up and hope to have it ready for my table by Thanksgiving! 

The retreat was wonderful and I hope to have a post ready tomorrow about it! 


Leslie said…
That's just gorgeous. You have the CD pincushion thing down to a science. Lucky winner! Looking forward to seeing your table square.
Laurie said…
The winner is one lucky lady!! I love your embroidered fish Lisa, and all the beautiful details!!
This pincushion is so pretty! I love the fabrics and colors, and your embellishments are wonderful!!

Suzanne Kistler said…
Always an inspiration. Thank you for posting your lovelies.
Very beautiful pin cushion, I'm sure those sewers will definitely love this!

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