Painting Underway

The house painters have been here all week trying to get my house ready to paint.  Being an old house, that wasn't maintained very well on the outside, it's been quite a job.  Endless scraping, caulking and fixing.  But this afternoon, they were finally able to start painting!  

I'm so happy with how it's looking!  So crisp and fresh!  I've always loved white farmhouses with green  accents, so that's what I ended up choosing after long debate.  For a while, I thought I was going to go Nantucket gray and aqua, but those colors just didn't work in our strong Colorado sunshine.  

You can also see that the landscaping changes have moved around the house to the side yard.  Eventually, there will be a bed that comes out to that wooden stake you can see on the right, where I'll plant my lilac bushes.  I managed to take a tumble while we were installing the framework for the steps yesterday evening.  I'm grateful that there were no broken bones, punctures or even bruises to show for it, as I landed pretty hard with an armful of power tools!  Definitely stiff and sore today, so it's been a quiet day mostly inside today.  


The bay window on the front of the house was quite damaged from a poorly aimed sprinkler which had caused much of the wood to rot.  

They did a fabulous job fixing it up.


With some primer on, it looks even better!  Can't wait to see it all done!

The alliums are blooming!  I was expecting big white balls of flowers, but they are large flat plates instead.  Still beautiful!  


Lisa, glad you are only sore from your tumble! The house is lookin fab!
So glad you did not hurt yourself.

Your house is looking lovely all freshly painted. My goal is to paint mine in the fall/winter when it's cool again.

Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady
Anonymous said…
At first I panicked and thought you could lose the bay window but not so, I need to scroll up and down and then read:) This house is definitely getting a rebirth, it's such a wonderful house!! Please be very careful while you continue to work!! No more tumbles.

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