Nearing Completion!

Work on my little house and yard is nearing completion!  It has been the busiest of months with contractors and family coming and going and spending every single spare moment working on big projects!  At the end of last week, the fence got put in!  I left enough space at the front walk way to put a nice arbor in eventually.  

The mulched beds around the house look so nice!  Such a wonderful change from the weedy overgrown mess that was here before! 

I was a little anxious as to what all the neighbors might think of me putting a fence around the front yard, but so far, the fence has been the thing that has made people stop their cars, get out and look and then come find me to offer their complements on all the wonderful changes I've been making to the house and yard!  Whew!  The other thing I've discovered is that having the fence makes my big yard look even bigger!  I really am happy with how it turned out!  

Looking at the house from the intersection corner.  Lots of grass!  Tomorrow, the yard gets aerated and over-seeded.  Aside from fixing the sprinkler system, because I keep putting new holes in it, the over-seeding is the last big thing to happen for the time being.  Though I do have some ideas for other things that need done, like repairing and sealing the blacktop driveway! 

There was a little low lying, mostly overgrown flagstone path here that ended short of the driveway.  We decided to pull it up yesterday and finish it all the way out to the driveway.  We'd have finished it, but we put another hole in the sprinkler system here.  Drat!  My sprinkler guy either loves or hates me right now!  

Here is a view from the other end.  This one pieced together beautifully!  Can't wait to take it all the way out to the driveway and get some impatiens planted under the aspen trees! 


The side steps are nearing completion!  Jessie and David are leveling the pavers off as I type this!  There are a few "holes" to fill with nice pebble arrangements and then I will use polymeric sand to complete this and give it a bit more stability.  Very happy with how this is turning out, though it ended up being much more complicated to finish than I was originally intending!  

A look up the side yard toward the street.  That little fence on the right at the step area will house the garbage cans.

Now turning to look at the back yard.  The arbor is complete!  I'm really glad that I choose to paint it white as it fits with the house so much better!  Once we get the front flagstone finished, we'll finish getting all these pavers set.  I still have a load of flagstone left, so I'll put another path between the garden shed and the garden bed and then my oldest son has plans for the remaining flagstone!  

I've been having fun planting the new garden beds along the back patio.  Blue flowers are surprisingly hard to find and I wanted things that would look nice for Jessie and David's wedding with it's blue and white colors.  I found some lovely agapanthus at the local Home Depot, so have added quite a lot of them.  They won't be hardy here, but we will enjoy them this summer!  I just hope they keep blooming for the wedding! 

So good to be down to the last few things.  My goal was to be done by the end of June so I can spend July tweaking flowerbeds and working on some other things for the wedding.  Looks like we will just make it!  


Anonymous said…
I can't believe what a difference the fence makes. I love it and the house is wonderful, so charming and cozy and homey looking. It really is wonderful.
Anonymous said…
The fence is the finishing touch, Lisa! It all looks wonderful, the steps from the garage, the back patio with the white arbour, everything! You must be thrilled, such a lovely spot for a wedding.
Val x
The fencing is like the maraschino cherry on the top of dessert. I love it. Your whole place looks wonderful and you are going to enjoy all that you've done for a long time.

velia said…
Lisa, You have done wonders with your new property, now sit back and enjoy all the hard work you all have put into it.
Shirlee Fassell said…
Looks wonderful! Very cozy and picturesque!
Leslie said…
It all looks great - what's not to like about a clean white fence. Love the view from your front door. It looks like the perfect little country house now, even tho you're in a neighborhood. Excellent job.
Judy said…
Lisa, you have made your home a showplace. Should be in a magazine! Just gorgeous!

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