Miniature CQ Brooch

Remember this little piece of crazy quilting?  It's the same one I was working on when I took the photo for my blog header above.  After debating whether to make a pendant or a brooch out of it, I finally settled on the brooch as I often wear them, where I seldom wear a necklace, much less a large pendant.  

I really love the effect of the buttonhole silk stitches on the tiny silk pieces.

The green pearls and glass leaf beads I had in my stash provided the perfect finishing touches!


It turned out lovely and I look forward to wearing it to the "Spice Party" that I'm attending with good friends tonight!  It's a fun class on using spices at the Savory Spice Shop in Boulder!  


Laurie said…
Very pretty Lisa, I would never have thought of making a brooch, how did you work the back?
Lovely brooch - and definitely one-of-a-kind!
gocrazywithme said…
Hi Lisa,
It turned out just lovely. How big is it? I also love your new header!
So tiny, delicate and pretty.

Your evening with spices sounds interesting.

Have a lovely week ~ FlowerLady
You do beautiful stitching. I admire it very much.

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