A Brooch for Spring

Last night,  I made a sweet floral ribbon brooch for spring!  

I seldom buy a kit for a project anymore, or even a pattern, though I do buy books on techniques from time to time.  Years ago, I took an Embellishment class from Helen Gibb and purchased her book Ribbon Flowers.  I've learned so much through that one class and have used Helen's book numerous times since then.  When I went to the sewing expo in Denver in February, I was delighted to see Helen there!  I came away with TWO kits!  One was for her "California Dreamin'" brooch, which I fell in love with.    With Helen's great instructions and book at hand, it only took me an evening to put together the brooch!  

I learned a couple of new techniques from making this one, such as the coiled flower centers and folding the ribbon lengthwise to make double flowers.  

I love the way the ruffled green ribbon leaves (lower left) came out and will have to look for more of that ribbon for some other projects I have in mind.  

The joy of working from a kit, is having all the materials at hand, good instructions to follow and a lovely project at the end!  I oriented my brooch upside down from what Helen showed ~ it just seemed to sit better.  The colors just shout springtime to me!  I'm very pleased with the way it turned out! 

The second kit I came home with was an embellishment kit.  I fell in love with that lily of the valley ribbon!  I plan on using these items on my May pincushion project for the CQJP 2014.  

I've also been working on another round robin block.  This is Linda's block for the Under the Sea#2 Round Robin.  I'm the first to get to work on it! Love that blue and green batik fabric!  

With a couple of really long seams, I wanted to do one of them in a watery theme.  Using some variegated Valdani thread in aqua/blue tones, I stitched the herringbone seam, then aded sequins and beads to accent.  Hoping it comes across as bubbles! 

Here is a sneak peak of what else I'm doing to the block.  Lots of room left for everyone else to work their magic! 


wendy said…
Your brooch turned out so pretty! I especially like the seam you did on the round robin your working on.
Anonymous said…
The broach is so beautiful. I love ribbon embelshments and this is stunning.
Lisa, the brooch is simply gorgeous!
Just popping in and look what I see. Your work is absolutely breathtaking. Love the brooch. I am also impressed with all your stitching. You are almost awakening an urge in me to learn how to do this. Thanks.
maire said…
54529856Ahh…such a lovely broach!!! I can smell the roses from here!!! And your work on the block is beautiful. I love your seam treatment and cannot wait to see the wonderful embellishment you've done on the left!!
Oh my gosh, that brooch is just BEAUTIFUL!!! I need to see about getting her book.

Thank you for the inspiration this morning, your work is just lovely.

Shirlee Fassell said…
Lovely ribbon work. I signed up to take a class from Helen but the event was canceled!! ):

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