Fan Block for Gerry K.

Fan DYB Block for GerryK finished
I finished Gerry K's Fan block this afternoon!  I love how it turned out and hope that it is just what Gerry was after!  

Gerry's Fan DYB block before
Gerry's set of blocks were all nearly identical, just a minor difference in a couple of the blocks regarding which color order the fan blades were in.  She also included some gold braid to cover the raw fan edges with.  In her instruction booklet, she specified NO lace and no large motifs, requesting fancy seams and beads in peacock colors.  

Fan DYB for Gerry K WIP 01
I love doing fancy seams!  To me, the seams are what Crazy Quilting is all about!  How glad I was that when I did some stash enhancement earlier this month, I picked up several colors of silk and rayon threads in just the colors of Gerry's blocks.  I have a sad lack of purple in both threads and beads.  Thankfully what I did have was just perfect for this block!  

In this photo, you can see some fine gold thread on the lower left seam.  I had hoped to use more gold thread on each of the other seams on this block to go with the braid, but the colors and weight I had did not balance out well.  I ended up removing all if it and using more of the variegated green that I used in each of the other seams.  

Fan DYB block for GerryK
I was so much happier with the balance of seams once I did that!  Here, I've added the gold braid as well as beaded (and sequined!) the seams!  The lovely plum purple and royal blue sequins were given to me by my Aunt Mary this past summer!  Love being able to use the things that other's have given me!  At this point, I realized that the block still needed a bit more to make it sing.  That's when I added the fancy "seam" of gold cord and beads around the edges of the fan that you can see in the top photo!  Beading those last areas made me think of the amazing Indian sari's that are so beautifully embroidered and beaded!  

What a fun block to work on!  Soon I'll send it on to the next person.  Can't wait to see what the entire set of blocks will end up looking like!  


Val Reaves said…
So extraordinarily lovely....well done! Thank you for sharing!
Val in Kansas
Connie said…
Your work is so captivating . . . You have an amazing talent. This is beyond beautiful :)
Have a happy week and keep smiling.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)
Judy in MS said…
What lovely stitching you added to Gerry's block! I so look forward to seeing it in person and stitching on one myself.

Judy in MS
Wow, this is beautiful! Your work is exquisite.

Lisa - this is such a gorgeous block! You inspire me!
Leslie said…
Wow! Spectacular, as a peacock should be. And I'm pretty sure this is *exactly* what she's looking for! Marvelous job.
Renee said…
Lisa, your work is just gorgeous!
FredaB said…
Gerry will be stnned when she sees this. It sounds exactly what she wanted. Gorgeous.

Linda H said…
I've been a Follower of your blog for quite a while now, but don't think I've ever left you a comment! (Shame on me!) This block you've done for Gerry is fabulous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! The colors are gorgeous (my favorites!) and your seam work is exceptional. Your stitches are beautifully even and the embellishing with beads and sequins is perfect for each seam. I haven't done any CQ work for a while but am itching to get back to it. Thanks for the inspiration!
hpk said…
I love the colors that Gerry chose for her block! My favorites too! And your stitching just made them more beautiful! Really stunning!

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