February Pincushion for CQJP 2014

I'm on a roll!  This afternoon, I finished my February entry for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2014!  

The silk ribbon embroidery blossom was inspired by the silkie on this block.

I haven't worked with 13mm ribbon much, but it was perfect for this blossom!

Around the base I used a tiny ribbon trim to cover the stitching holding the top and bottom together.

In my stash, I found some perfect vintage rick rack and some fun flower beads!

There was also a piece of lace which I had dyed ever so long ago that was just right.

Perfectly romantic for the month of February!

Once again, I added my signature on the back along with the month.

The block was part of a Christmas Cracker exchange that I received a couple of years ago.  I had no idea what I would do with it when it came.  That orange/red patch was a bit "off" for the rest of the block as was an eye-popping fuchsia piece that got trimmed off when I made the block round.  They almost put me off the block for good, but I'm glad I persevered!  

In my laundry area, the miniature African violets are blooming like crazy!  One itty-bitty plant has grown into several!  When they stop blooming, I'll repot and separate a few more off!   When we had our house fire in 1999, I lost several pots of violets and streptocarpus.  This little violet was the first house plant I purchased afterwords.  It's been going strong for 14 years!  


Love those fuzzy stems and buds!

The orchid we received as a house-warming gift is going strong too and sending out new roots and shoots!  


Edited to add: The above photo made it into Flickr's "Explore" on 11Feb2014!  It's had over 4000 views since then and 45 favorites!  Thanks to all of you who have "fav"-ed it!


Leslie said…
Ah, this one is scrumptious! Just my colors and I love those fragile little ferns. The large blossom is perfect. Lovely piece of work, Lisa. You're going to have quite a collection at year's end.
My violets don't look near as good as yours. I assume you're diligent about feeding them? (I'm not)
Val Reaves said…
Oh so lovely! Your little ribbon blossom is just beautiful! Love your violets,....inspires me to get some of my own at the greenhouse and try my hand with them...
Thanks for sharing!
hpk said…
So beautiful! This may be your most lovely pin cushion yet. Love to you, your sis.
Annette said…
Love love this one also, my goodness you are going to have an awesome set of pin cusions. xoox
Arlene White said…
Can't wait for our RR's to begin so I get your stitching on my blocks...... Wonderful cushions Lisa, just love them.

Unknown said…
Lisa I have just discovered your blog and your very beautiful crazy quilted pincushions. They are truly gorgeous. I would really love to know how they are constructed. For years I have been collecting little bits of loveliness thinking that at some stage I would do something with them these lovely little creations of yours look perfect especially as at 70 I do not have so many years left to work on a big project.
Thank you for sharing these inspiring pictures of such gentleness.
Chyfey said…
Love your pincushions and I so love your mini quilts.Your beautiful African violets so remind me of my dad and his beautiful collection.
Dad would cut his leaves into 3 and get 3 plants .
Unfortunately when he died so did his collection,I have very black thumbs when it comes to african violets and orchids .
FredaB said…
Lisa what a great idea to make pin cushions for the 2014 project. They are both lovely but this one especially so.

Suzanne Kistler said…
I love the pincushions. Reading your blog is like injecting inspiration. LOVE it!! Thank you!
Cathy said…
Oh my, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that pincushion! So beautiful!! And did I mention that I Love it?!?
traderslostart said…
Your are absolutely amazing. You never cease to amaze me. Always excited to see what you create next. So much beauty from one multi talented woman! No wonder you are on my list for my Top 10 crazy quilters, in the world !!
M. Hair said…
Thank you for sharing so much of your work. I am so glad you are back stitching again. You are such an inspiration. Your color combinations are beautiful. I enjoy all the photos you take that show each step.

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