Great Horned Owl
We had a pair of Great Horned Owls visiting this evening!  This one sat on the fence and watched as I took photos.  It's always amazing when a wild creature allows a human to get so close.

The pair sat on the fences for the longest time.

Great Horned Owl
But the top of the utility pole is the favored perch.

Great Horned Owl
Love this one eyed look!

It really was an amazing evening!


Terri said…
Wow!! How cool!!! We have a family of Cooper's Hawks nesting in our yard and that has been so much fun! I'd love to see owls like this! Your pictures are awesome!!
Susan Elliott said…
oh my oh MY!!!!!!! How wonderful is that? Do you know all that the owls mean?

A spiritual messenger, a symbol of wisdom and inner-knowing.

In ancient Hindu, Celtic and Egyptian cultures, the owl was symbolic of the keeper of the underworld...a seer of souls, able to connect this life and the next...the keeper of spirits and of secret knowledge.

A quick list of owl symbolic meanings:

Perhaps you have two because of your Mom and Dad? They're so close to you and see how beautiful you are. How amazing, Lisa. Truly.
wendy said…
To see 2!!! how exciting! I would love to see a Great Horned Owl! Beautiful pictures thank you for sharing!
Absolutely stunning! How lucky you are to have been able to photograph them.
Anonymous said…
I love Owls and these are really wonderful. So interesting:)

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