The Gift of an Evening

Northern Colorado Sunset
Life can throw so many little things our way and eventually they build up to an overwhelming tumult.  I need a break, an opportunity to clear my head and so I head out for a country drive in the early evening.  The prairie calls my name and I head north, past the small farming communities and out to the open grassland between Greeley and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

There is something about the wide open spaces of the high plains, the peace of them, the calm on an evening like this, that touches me deeply.  Thunderstorms and blizzards can rage across the prairie doing their worst, and still the land remains, little changed. Heat and drought can burn the surface to a crisp, but in God's good time, the rain comes and soon the prairie once again turns green and lush and filled with life.

What a gift to breathe the free moving air, listen to the sound of a distant meadowlark, the sound of wind in my ears, to be witness to such a magnificent sunset and to have a few precious minutes alone with God.  Out here I feel my rightful place in this world, where the sky seems endless and the great mountains to the west are reduced to blips on the horizon, where God and his creation take precedence and I and my petty issues become as insignificant as they really are.   It's good to put things in perspective from time to time.

Northern Colorado at Sunset
As I walk back to the car, the indigo velvet blanket of dusk slowly covers the land, the light fades and I leave for home, my soul soothed.

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Laurie said…
What a beautiful post Lisa, there's something about nature that grounds us, and puts things back into perspective. That place for me is on the swing by my prayer garden, listening to the birds, and the wind through the pines. Grounded. I'd love to reconnect though in your gorgeous mountains. One day.
Donna said…
After 13 years back in the east, I still miss those wide open spaces. Thanks for the memories.
suz said…
beautiful Lisa - thank you for sharing
welltraveled said…
Thinking of you today and hope you can plan a calming ,interesting 7 days off
Adrienne said…
I need to go away to a quiet place that soothes my soul when life runs too fast. I loved seeing the prairie. For me, it's the ocean or the mountains.
Susan Elliott said…
Beautiful. The plains and You.

You have such grace in your life. you are more powerful than you know.

And so blessed. Much love, Susan

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