Forget-me-Nots and Phlox
This past week, I made my first stop of the season at the garden center.  A few plants came home with me, in hopes of getting them planted in the front bed along the walk.  We had a lovely afternoon the day after and I was able to get outside and clean out all the fall debris and begin digging up the bed, taking care to not disturb the tulips and grape hyacinths coming up.  I was hopeful to be able to finish the following day and plant the forget-me-nots and spring blooming phlox I had purchased.  But the weather turned bitter cold and then I had three long days of work.  Yesterday was very cold with heavy snow and wind, so these sweet little posies are living on top of my washing machine at the moment!  They cheer me up every time I walk past them and give me hope that spring really is coming... eventually!  

WC Sketch 23Mar13
During the snow yesterday, the birds huddled on the trees and bushes around the bird-feeders.  I sketched this collared dove sitting on one of the aspen trees.  

While I had the camera out, Thomas posed so nicely for me!  He seems to love the attention he gets when I'm taking photos of him!  

House Finch
This is one of the house finches we had visiting yesterday.  Their color is especially vibrant this time of year!  


I have been watching your blog silently for quite some time. I enjoy your writing. But today, and this coming from a person who does not have an affection for cats, your Thomas is beautiful. A perfect, absolutely photo of this majestic creature. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to loiter. Susan
wendy said…
OHHHH I Love Forget me nots and can't wait for ours to come up!! pretty painting and love your cat!
Anonymous said…
I love the little house finch, I don't think I have ever seen the variety with the red. And your sketch is so nice, I'd love to buy some of your sketches for my walls:):)
Ren-in-Az said…
I'm so impressed with how you have evolved on your blog with your photography. The flowers are so sweet and I can understand you being anxious to get them in their home in the ground.
The House finch pic stopped me in my tracks. We have so many here in the high desert all year and they have almost become common place....until I saw how your photo that did such justice for them. My faith is renewed in them as the sweet birds they really are.
May I ask what setting you used for that photo? I too am enjoying your sketching and watercolors. Lovely and thank you for sharing them.
Lindas fotos, lindo desenho, lindo Thomas!


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