02 March 2013

Latest Sketches...

Thomas - WC Sketch
I've been trying to sketch more.  Some days it is easy.  Other days the busy-ness of life gets in the way. Since I really want to be painting more, I need to find the path back to making it a priority.  Thomas is an obliging model as he loves to sit near (on!) me!

Bowl of Veges - WC sketch
I had just a few minutes to capture a scene on this day and the bowl of vegetables on the kitchen counter were well suited.

Bedroom - WC Sketch
Another morning, I was captivated by the light coming in my bedroom window.  But once the sketch was completed, I realized I had focused so much on the details of the scene that I missed the light completely!

Sunset over the Front Range
Yesterday, I had to drive into Denver to complete some of the pre-hire paperwork for my job.  On the way home, I took back roads and just enjoyed the landscape.  The snow is quickly melting.  Just a few miles from home I captured this lovely vista of the Front Range.  Hopefully soon, my oil painting skills will be back to where I want them and I can start painting Plein Air again.  I've missed it so!


Leslie's Garden said...

Your watercolor sketches are beautiful! You are very accomplished. I've always admired the quick sketches that look like complete and well though out art! I remember seeing someone in a Victoria magazine years and years ago that had a beautiful sketch book. I remember in particular a watercolor sketch of a bird eating from a half of grapefruit on the artists window ledge. All these years later I still remember it!

Adrienne said...

Gorgeous drawings! I'm always amazed at the enchanted style you put on paper. The mountains are gorgeous - that will be a treat as you commute to and from work. Congratulations on your new job.

Laurie said...

I love your sketches Lisa, your cat looks just like my Toby. You have such talent!

suz said...

Congratulations on the new job. I'm sure you are quite relieved. Just got caught up with your blog - love your painting of Sir Thomas. I had an orange cat named Jacki - she passed 3 years ago. We still have another cat, similar in color to Molly, named Growltiger (GT). Saturday I went to an animal shelter nearby because I heard they had 16 new cats from a home near mine whose elderly owner had passed away. All the cats are very healthy but only 2 were near enough to possibly consider as a companion to GT. They both had issues though - one was so timid GT would have had her for breakfast (GT is built like Sir Thomas) and the other was appropriately named Screech. When I got home GT smelled the cats on my coat, gave me a dirty look, hissed at me (something she's never done) and walked out of the room. Guess there won't be another cat in the house...

welltraveled said...

Oh Lisa , I am so delighted you have that wonderful scene close to home.
My favorite drawing of yours is the one from years ago with the floor lamp and ivy and some flower trailing up it.


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