Unknown shrub
I have a shrub in the yard of my new house that I have never seen before!  Despite several nights of hard freezes, the leaves are still green and the flowers still a brilliant pink with a bright orange berry.  If you know what kind of shrub this is, I'd love to know!

Update: Thanks to Raphaela for letting me know that this is a Spindle Tree (Euonymus europaeus)!  Here is a note that I found about it: 
The wood is hard and durable and, when the making of yarn was a familiar necessity, provided the best spindles for spinners.
What fun! Apparently it is also in the same family as the burning bush shrubs in the front of my new home, but for some reason, this one hasn't turned color yet.  Those bushes also have bright orange berries dangling from the branches but I never saw the bright pink casing around them.    

Kitchen walls patched!
Today saw lots of tangible remodeling progress!  All the electrical work is completed in the kitchen except for the outlets and plates being put in place, so it was time to patch some of the holes and begin skim coating the walls in preparation for painting.  The repair work had advanced beyond my capability, so I hired the work done.  After watching them work all day long, I'm so glad that I did as they are marvelous!  So exciting to see the rough damaged walls begin to take on the smooth surface that I had envisioned!  They tell me I should be able to paint by mid-week!  Now if I can just get that floor cleaned up once again and find someone who can refinish it in a timely manner!

Measure twice
My tiny closet needed a better system of organization in order to work for me.  I was all set to do this work on my own, but my oldest son Jonathan came up to help me and ended up doing the majority of the work!

Putting Shelves in my Closet
We put shelves on one side and double clothes rods on the other.

Double Clothes bars installed!
Today, while the plasterers were busy in the kitchen, I painted all the trim and shelves.

Shelves and brackets painted!
So happy with how it's coming together!  Next time I go up to the house, I'll be able to put the shelves and rods in place and the closet will be ready for my clothes!  Yea!  ONE part of the house is complete!

There is a huge amount of clean up to do after all the cutting they had to do into the old lath and plaster walls for the rewiring and plumbing ~ that fine plaster dust just coats everything, even when covered up!  Once the cleanup takes place, the painting begins!

As you might have noticed, we haven't moved in yet.  After looking at everything that still needed done, we postponed the move until next weekend.  What a relief!  I wasn't looking forward to moving in amidst the chaos of electricians, plumbers, plasterers, needing to repaint, and with all the cleaning that still needs done... not to mention the chimney sweeping and the several contractors coming to give me estimates on kitchen installation this week!


Kath said…
I'm sitting up in bed with my morning cuppa and I showed this post to my husband, asking "Does this remind you of anything?". Crikey, Yeh, he replied, I don't envy your friend!
We seem to have lived on a building site all our married lives :-D
Raphaela said…
I like to follow the progress of your new home. It will be very beautiful and comfortable.
I think, the beautiful tree is a spindle tree, in German it is called Pfaffenhütchen which means 'parson's little hat'.
Laurie said…
I love how the closet has been transformed. It's going to be exciting to see how you complete your home Lisa! Looking forward to seeing more.
hpk said…
Wonderful progress! So glad things are moving right along so you can have an easier move. Your closet turned out with such charm. The white trim makes is so fresh!
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