Moved In!

Moving Truck
Moving "day" finally happened!  The weather turned bitter cold and snowy, which slowed things down, so it actually took the entire weekend ~ Friday through Sunday, to get Jessie and I moved in to our new home.

My Family!
How grateful I was for the help from all the kids plus a couple of their friends!  Sunday night we celebrated being finished with a dinner out!   From left to right: foster son Gary and his wife Marcy, Jessie and her fiancĂ© David, me, DIL Amanda and son Stephen, son's Jonathan and Zach.  Friends Mike and Kristen had helped on Friday and Saturday so weren't here for the dinner.

Living Room after moving in
When I moved from Arizona at the end of April, my belongings filled one 26' truck to the top.  Now, adding my daughter and her things plus what I inherited from my parents, it took two very full 26' trucks to make this move.  Inside the house, despite being well over twice the square footage of my apartment, it is filled to the brim!  Total chaos!  There will be some serious downsizing to come this spring!

Breakfast Room as Kitchen
It doesn't help that I don't quite have a kitchen yet.  For now, the breakfast room is serving as temporary quarters for all food preparation ~ as well as storage for tools and cleaning supplies.  It's amazing how well you can do with just a microwave and an electric kettle!

Once I got my bed made, it started to really feel like home.  One can put up with an awful lot if there is a comfy place to sleep!

Plumbing and tiling still needs finished
We do have some plumbing ~ a bathroom sink and toilet.  But the shower is out of commission until the tiling gets repaired where the wall fell apart when they went to fix the plumbing on the shower.  Thankfully, I've finally found someone to do the work and it will hopefully happen before the end of the week!

Putting the new back door in
A lot of other things have happened in the past week too.  A big item was getting the back door replaced.  The old one was in sad shape with a huge drafty doggy door that wasn't at all secure.

New Door
Now there is a nice snug door that actually latches properly!

Painting bedrooms
We painted both bedrooms and the hallway, though there is still some trim to paint.  Jessie painted her room a pale grey with white trim.

Bedroom Window
I went with a simple white paint to maximize the light in my small bedroom.  I love these windows!  It won't be long before I need to make some window blinds to replace the temporary sheet curtains I'm using at the moment!

Hauling away the dumpster
We filled up a 15 cubic yard dumpster to the brim.  How glad I was when they came to haul it away!

Bye bye froggy!
Do you see the silly frog peering out over the top?  It was left by previous owners.  It had a rather creepy grin that both my daughter and I found somewhat unsettling, so we were quite happy to say goodbye to it!

2nd Skim Coat on Kitchen
In the kitchen, the skim coating continued (shown here before the door was replaced)

Cement Truck backing in
A concrete truck paid us a visit.

Where the cement is going
All because we had to dig a channel in the basement floor to put in a floor drain near the hot water heater.

smoothing out the concrete
They did a nice job getting it filled in and smoothed out.

crazy plumbing in the shower
We had more plumbing surprises.  The basement shower turned out to be made entirely of concrete block ~ and the plumbing was actually cemented into place.  It was a noisy and dusty job getting the concrete out in order to replace it.  This shower too will get repaired in the coming week.  All the mess has been well worth it as now I have a lovely old home with all new plumbing and electric!

Skim Coating almost finished!
And in the kitchen, the last skim coat of  plaster went on, the walls were sanded and now it's ready for me to prime and paint this weekend before the new kitchen gets installed on Monday!  Just in time to make our first Thanksgiving Dinner in it!


Anonymous said…
It's really going to be a very special Christmas in a very special house. I love it and the completely finished project will give you so many years of peace and contentment.
allie aller said…
So much work, but with all that loving help. I love thinking about how many meals you'll share around that big table, and how much stitching you'll do in that beautiful light...
Anonymous said…
Looks awesome!

Tom Lowry
Nancy said…
So nice to see it all coming together! And I totally agree, I always make it my mission to get our bed up and made whenever we have moved. Having a place to collapse in at the end of the day makes moving so much easier!! Excited to see the color you are painting the kitchen and the cabinets getting installed next week! Have a blessed weekend!!
Dawn said…
It will be lovely, Lisa!!!!
Kath said…
"a lovely old home with all new plumbing and electric! "

That thought kept me going through our refurb!

What a lovely photo of all the family.

Your home looks very light and spacious, I am enjoying seeing it's transformation.
Val said…
Your home is looking great. You must love seeing so much of your family now you're living closer too. It won't take long to get settled once the kitchen's in and the workmen have all left. Just right for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
JustGail said…
It sounds like the house upgrades are progressing nicely. Your bedroom furniture is gorgeous!
Lynn B said…
How exciting, a new home! I am sure you will have fun getting everything just so.

Happy homemaking!
Anonymous said…
Lisa, I'm over the moon with joy for your good nearby, a cozy new home with all the fixings, and best of all your treasured grand piano back where it belongs. Though my hands prevent me from playing as often as I would like to, I don't know what I would do without it in my life. Kudos to you and yours for a terrific job well done. Blessings.
~Jan Myhre Spokane, WA
Drew Andrews said…
I’m so glad that you purchased the house! I’ve read your previous post, and I can feel that you really want to live in there. It’s pretty apparent that the negotiations went smoothly, and you’re fortunate to have done that. Anyway, congratulations on starting a new chapter of your life!

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