Knitting and Planning

New Mittens!
In between all the other things taking place, I was able to finish the pair of mittens I've been knitting!  I had a very similar pair when I was growing up that my Mom had knit of blue acrylic yarn.  Pretty sure that I wore them out!  This pair is knit with a double strand of wool from Brown Sheep Company on size 10 1/2 needles.  The pattern is a vintage one that I found here.  They are soft and warm and ever so cozy!  They still need blocked but I'm wonderfully happy with them even as they are!

Kitchen view towards Garage door
Much of my time has been taken up deciding what to do with this kitchen.  The old cabinets are outdated metal ones, probably dating back to the time when the house was built in 1941.  Covered with layers of paint and inside, layers of yucky contact paper, they leave a lot to be desired!  I've got a vision of what it could be.  I've been dreaming of kitchens for years, and so when I saw the lovely kitchen at "A Country Farmhouse" that matched my dreams, I bookmarked it and have been an avid follower of Trina for some time.  Now that I have a kitchen of my own to redo, I am using her kitchen as a tremendous inspiration!

Kitchen planning
But even with lovely inspiration, it takes a lot of work to make it happen in a different space.  So I've been sketching and making trips to the kitchen designer and reworking ideas, over and over again!

Kitchen sketches
But I think I finally have the basics right and now it's just a matter of small tweaking, getting the right cabinets and fixtures chosen and finding the right contractor to do the job.   My sketches make the space look much bigger than it really is and all the walls are not shown.  I find it helps me to work out the space by drawing it out like this.  I love the open feeling it will have and the more European look of it.  All in white with wood counters and a wood floor (which we think is lurking underneath the tile!)

On top of all of this, I'm still job hunting (with another interview scheduled for tomorrow!) and preparing to move in a just a couple of weeks!  Plus getting contractors scheduled to do things on the house in the meantime!  Needless to say, things are BUSY here but it is also very exciting to see it all coming together!  So much to be thankful for right now!


Kath said…
How exciting! I chose ivory cabinets with wooden counters, it really gives the look I wanted. You have a lovely big space to work with, I'm sure it will be gorgeous.
Leslie's Garden said…
I can't wait to see your kitchen after viewing your inspiration room! That was a fabulous kitchen! I know yours will be lovely, too.
Those mittens are lovely; well done! As to the kitchen, I like your old kitchen -smile-.
Margaret said…
What excitement to be able to choose a new kitchen. I look forward to seeing the photos of the completion. Good luck witht eh job.
Marty52 said…
It's great when you can make your dreams come true, isn't it? So happy for you... good luck on the job hunt.
Anonymous said…
This is so exciting to see and watch as you make your plans. The kitchen will be really great!!!
hpk said…
Love the mittens. They look so much like the pattern mommy knitted for us as kids, right after sparkle yarn came out. The way I remember it is that your's were purple sparkle to go go with your jacket, and mine were the blue one's to go with my jacket. And for mine at least, she crocheted a string to run through the sleeves of my jacket so I would not lose the mittens at school.

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