House Hunting & A Day in Rocky

View of the house from the southwest. I haven't forgotten about finishing up my England posts!  However, this past week has been busy with job and house hunting!  While the hoped for job has not come through yet, I believe that I have found my new home!  An offer has been made and accepted and by mid-October, hopefully it will be mine!  I love the way it nestles into the trees and how it sits away from the quiet road.  It's such a lovely peaceful spot in a beautiful neighborhood!

Living room
Inside, there are so many appealing things, from the lovely fireplace with it's wonderful brass fender, to the beautiful hardwood floors and all the wonderful windows that let in so much light!

Eat-in Kitchen/Butler Pantry
It has lovely built-in cabinets in what is meant to be a breakfast room, though the space will most likely become my painting studio!  The house does need some work and I've been busy scouring the internet and Pinterest for ideas as well as visiting home improvement stores and gathering measurements and pricing components.  There is an inspection to come later this week and estimates to get before it becomes mine!  But oh, I am SO excited about this house!  I can't wait to move in and truly make it mine!  

Autumn changes
One day this past week also saw another trip to the mountains to enjoy the fall color.  Son Jonathan and I had a delightful day in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was just a few days after I had been there on my own and I was amazed at how much the color had advanced even in that short period of time!

Aspen Leaves
Gold was the color of the day!

Lodgepole Pinecones
On the lodgepole pine, this year's cones have ripened to a lovely shade of russet.  Love the way the needles curl around them!

Ochre Grass
The grasses have gone to shades of ochre.  It's as though they are dancing and bowing to one another in the late afternoon sunlight.

Just beautiful.  Sitting in these meadows watching the sunlight play on them makes for a delightful afternoon.

In some places, the aspen are still green, but it won't be long until this leafy canopy changes to a glowing golden one.

Mule Deer
One of the highlights of Rocky Mountain National Park in the autumn is watching the Elk and listening to their bugling.  That's what we were doing when a pair of Mule Deer headed our direction.  We sat and watched as they came within 20 feet or so of us, completely unconcerned about us or the other people standing even closer to them just up the hill out of the photo.  They browsed and ate while we watched and took lots of photos!  What a treat to have such a lovely encounter with some magnificent animals!


Nancy said…
Congrats on the house! Excited you found something that inspires you! Love the pinecone picture!!
allie aller said…
When you make a house "yours", it is a joy for all of us to see, Lisa!
Marty52 said…
What a cute house, Lisa... I really look forward to seeing what you do with it to make it yours... it will be spectacular, I'm sure!
Margaret said…
Congratulations on your house. Although I have never met you I think it looks"just you" so I am praying all goes through. Thank you for updating your blog. I worry when I don't hear.... ha ha!
Kath said…
It all looks wonderful, I can't wait to see what you do with it.
Gerry Krueger said…
It looked small from the outside but the inside photos look quite good sized.. Definitely my kind of house... lovely natural plantings... lucky much fun..
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love the house!! It will be so wonderful for you and I know the job will come through too. Wishing you so much happiness and peace in this new chapter of your life.
JustGail said…
I hope all goes well with the house and job hunt. From what you've shown us so far, I'd be excited about that house too.

20 feet away from those deer? it never ceases to amaze me the difference between city/park deer and those in areas where they aren't so safe from cars and hunters.
Anonymous said…
So good to see you posting again. Your photos and thoughts are always a treat. Love the park as much as you and hope to return someday soon. I have family in Denver so it's definitely a possibility. Enjoy your day and happy job hunting. The house was made for you!
~Jan Myhre, Spokane, WA
Susan Elliott said…
I can see you there in that glad you found it. And the pics from your hike in the Park were amazing. Love the pine needles and the ochres in the field. Beautiful world, beautiful LIsa...the job will come. I think you're supposed to have a little more time to yourself to settle just yet. All in good time. xo Susan
Rose Anne B said…
Ohhhh Lisa all the best in securing your new home, it looks lovely!

Also thank you for your Rocky Mountain images and prose both are so eloquent and lovely to look at!!!
Armandina Skerl said…
Hey Lisa, I love your house. As a nature lover, I would love to have a house like yours. Being so close to nature is really a nice way to relax and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Hopefully this house will be yours… I can’t wait for the news. Thanks for making my day! ^_^
Anonymous said…
Great pictures! Congratulations on the house. My fiance and I are house hunting right now. We are looking at real estate in Charleston SC. House hunting is a lot harder then I thought it was going to be, I thought it was going to be fun. I love the hardwood floors and the fireplace. Thanks for sharing!
Richelle Jelsma said…
The house does look beautiful! I do hope you get to own this house because it looks like the perfect home for you. By the way, your improvement ideas are going to look gorgeous once they’re done! Well, let’s hope the estimate fits right into your budget. If not, maybe you can get a mortgage loan to help you out with buying the house. That way, you still have some leftover money for some of the improvement ideas you’ve cooked up!
Unknown said…
I love your house! How did you find that one? We’ve been looking for a home for months already, and we still haven’t found the right one. Anyway, I hope everything is settled by now – the house is official yours, and the home improvements are already done or already ongoing. Congrats!

-Erick Bush
Sara Owens said…
How does it feel living in your new home? If I were right, you've been living in your new house for almost 2 months now. Have you adjusted with your new neighbors? Anyway, I love the ambiance in that neighborhood. I hope I can visit that place sometime. :D

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