Autumn Comes to the Rockies

11Sept12 Watercolor sketch
Needing a break from the stress of job and house hunting, I took a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday.  The skies were overcast with the promise of rain and the aspen trees were beginning to change into the glowing gold of autumn.  I sat and sketched at a particularly lovely spot.  It's nice to see some improvement in my sketching due to the instruction I had on the Queen Mary 2 as well as my study of Beatrix Potter's watercolor sketches.

Wild Turkeys
While sitting there sketching, a flock of wild turkeys crossed the edge of the woods in front of me!

Autumn Leaves in Rocky
The changing colors of the leaves were so lovely.

Rose Hip gem
The rose hips sat like precious rubies on the branches.

Autumn Leaves in Rocky
Everywhere I looked there was beauty to behold!

Willows Changing
The willows along the creeks were just beginning to change.

Red and Green
In the grassy areas, these brilliant red and green leaves were beacons of beauty.

Aspen changing
Most of the aspen are just beginning to change.  I love the patterning on the leaves as the chlorophyll recedes and the underlying gold takes over.

Looking Down Endo Valley
As I drove up the Old Fall River Road towards the tundra, I could look back down the valley and watch the rain come in.

Bull Elk crossing the Road
The return journey was along Trail Ridge Road across the tundra.  As soon as the snow flies, this road will be closed for the winter season.  I suspect it won't be long!  Why this enormous bull elk isn't down in the valley with the rest of the elk where the harems are being gathered, I have no idea, but it was a magnificent treat to see him as he non-challontly crossed the road right in front of us!

It was a lovely day in the mountains and I am so glad to see the rain as it continues to be incredibly dry here in Colorado.  I finished the day by spending the evening with a dear friend who I haven't seen in years!  A truly lovely day!


Margaret said…
I love the autumn colours too and a day spent in the beauty of nature is certainly a stress relief isn't it? Thanks for the beautiful blog.
Laurie said…
How beautiful. My niece lives in Colorado, I can see what I'm missing by not getting to see her.
Susan Elliott said…
First thing that happened when I opened this post was I thought your first illustration was a photo! And then I thought, WOW...she's getting really good. Of course, I've always thought that you were really good, but now you're even better, if that's possible. I'm still first in line for your book, I hope.

Once again, your pictures make me feel as if I were on the walk with you. And the ELK!!! what a wonderfully random moment.
hpk said…
Your beautiful pictures have helped me embrace the season, which is always a little bittersweet for me. Thanks my sis! hpk

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