The Road to Tobermory

Ardoran House
I left Iona on a grey overcast morning, the sky mimicking how I felt about leaving this beautiful place.  The owner of the B&B waved me off!

Caledonian MacBrayne Ferry
It was just a short wait for the ferry to arrive and take me back to Fionnphort where the car was parked.

Southern Mull view 1
Soon I was on my way across Mull.  The drive through Glen More is a beautiful one!  The scenery so magnificent, even with the cloudy skies.  I saw a Golden Eagle perched in the top of a tree!

Southern Mull view 3
I had to stop and look off at these lochs.  Loch Sguabain and Loch an Ellen.  You can't see it in this photo, but there is a Crannog at the left end of Loch Sguabain.  A Crannog is a manmade mound created around 3,000 years ago, which would have had a home built on top of it.

Road into Tobermory
Once I got to Tobermory, I settled into my B&B and then set off down the hill to explore the town.  The road is quite steep with several benches along the way to rest on the way back up!  Walking past the Tobermory Distillery, the smell of malt and yeast fills the air!

Working Quay in Tobermory
Tobermory is still primarily a working harbor.  I loved seeing the quay filled with work gear and not all prettied up for the tourists!

Tackle and Books
Most of the shops were closed as it was Sunday.  But a few were open.  I had to stop in this one and buy some postcards!  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that tackle and books would be a good combination, but in Tobermory, it's the kind of diversification that helps them stay in business!

Old day pack ~ the last leg
One of the things I needed to do while in Tobermory was to find a replacement for my will worn little day pack.  I had patched it up well before I left on this trip and it was doing very well, till just a couple days ago, when some new seems opened up.  I bought needle and thread on Iona with the intention of trying to repair it, but the fraying at the corners was beyond simple repairs!  This little pack used to be my Mom's and has patches from some of her activities over the years.  My new little pack lacks the same character, but I'll have to fix that by adding a few patches of my own and maybe moving a couple of my Mom's over to it.

Cafe on the Quay at Tobermory
After my mission was accomplished, I sat at this pier cafe and ate my dinner, watched the boats coming in...

Watercolor sketch of Sailboats at Tobermory
and did a little watercolor of some of the sailboats.

Tobermory with the tide in
As I walked back, the tide was coming in and the waterfront looked so pretty!

Tobermory from the hill above
I walked back up that steep hill, up to the B&B, then decided to walk just a bit further and see if you could see the harbor from the top of the hill!  What a great view of it!

Standing Stone
And as I turned to go back to the B&B for the evening, I saw this standing stone!  I have no idea if it's a recent placement or a long standing stone, but regardless, I loved seeing it with my B&B there behind it!


Anonymous said…
J'aime beaucoup les photos de votre voyage.
merci de me faire voyager ainsi.
I like your photos, thanks for this travel and good day

Kath said…
I love all the coloured houses. There are a lot of coloured shops and houses here in Glastonbury. My neighbour painted theirs yellow and we're planning to paint ours pink!
wendy said…
I love your tour for us! Thank you for sharing, and such beautiful photos!
Linda H said…
Your photos are so beautiful. Thanks for taking the time and effort to share your wonderful trip with us!!

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