A Letter from London

Hello Dear Readers!

I've been having trouble getting photos uploaded in order to blog, so no new posts for a few days.  Rest assured that I will eventually finish posts for all the parts of my trip that I've missed posting about!  Such as my time in Yorkshire and the first part of my time in the Lake District as well as my time in Edinburgh ~ and now, my time in London!

My time here in the UK is winding down.  It's hard to believe that I've been traveling for over 6 weeks and that I'll be back in Colorado before the week is over!  What an amazing time this has been.  I am heading home with heart and head full of so many things from new experiences, to seeing new places, having so many of my lifelong dreams come true, and all the wonderful people I've met along the way!

I'll post more as soon as I'm able!  Thank you so very much for all the lovely comments you have left throughout my journey! I've cherished them all!

Blessings and peace,


Valerie said…
Those six weeks have gone quickly - what a great trip you've had. I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos.
Anonymous said…
You have blessed us. How wonderful of you to take time to share all of this while traveling. It has truly been a great adventure to share with you.
Leeanne said…
Wow six weeks!! I have really enjoyed popping over to share your trip with you. So glad you are sharing so much for those of us who aren't there too.
Margaret said…
I feel blessed to have been able to follow your six week journey. Thanks so much for sharing
Laurie said…
This has been such a wonderful travelogue Lisa, I look forward to the rest of your stories and photos. It's hard to believe it's been 6 weeks already.
Kath said…
I am pleased and honoured that you enjoyed our little Island so much.
Safe journey home Lisa.
Hello Lisa, I have certainly enjoyed seeing all the glorious photos of your travels through England and Scotland. Thanks so very much for sharing them with us all. Safe travel home. Hugs Judy
I can't thank you enough for sharing your wonderful adventures. I have always wanted to visit all the places you've been to on your lovely trip but for me so many of them wouldn't be possible. I'm in a wheelchair and there is just no way I'd be able to climb and walk all those places. Sharing your steps with us has been such a gift to me, so I thank you for showing me places I would have never seen otherwise. Safe return journey and I look forward to your future posts!
Julie said…
Six weeks already! You have shared some wonderful photos here and I'm glad our UK weather has given you some sunny days. Have a safe trip home when the time comes.
suz said…
Thank you so much for taking us along on your journey - between you and Susan Branch, I feel like I've spent the summer in England!
joyce said…
So glad to read your blog and relive some of our tour through Scotland. I love your pictures and have compared them to my own. Best wishes to you. And "cheers" to the wonderful memories of the tour. Will be in touch.
Joyce from sedona

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