A Wedding in the Family!

Marcy & Gary My foster son Gary got married on Saturday! What a joy to watch these two young people come together on this glorious day! A Ring on Her Finger! Such a precious moment after he out the ring on her finger! Happy Couple and Honorary Mother! The happy couple and I! My Family What a beautiful day we had with perfect weather! Made even more perfect by having all the family in attendance! The Bride's Family The bride's lovely family! It warms my heart to see them welcome Gary so wholeheartedly into their family! Marcy & Gary The happy couple! I wish them many years of love and joy together!


hpk said…
Oh it looks like they had a beautiful happy celebration! h
Anonymous said…
Just found your blog and went back as far as I could and followed your story.
What an amazing artist you are and quilter and every other craft you try your hand at. You inspire me to embroider although I have barely ever attempted it. It makes me want to join a round robin and crazy quilt I find it amazing !!!!
So sorry to hear about your mother, what a shock it was to read xxx
Did you ever find Robyns pieces you lost ??
So many questions and so much inspiration

Lovely blog

thank you Mette xx in Australia

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