An Afternoon in Rocky

My daughter and I spent the afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was a wonderful break in what has been a busy few weeks of preparing and holding Estate and Garage Sales back to back and getting ready to move.  Our visit started with a look at this nest of two Great Horned owlets!

Great Horned Owl
Further up in the same tree was one of the parents!  What a delight to see ~ and both of us looked at each other and said, "Wouldn't Mommy/Nana have loved this!"

Kewanechee Valley
The day was a bit overcast with spits of rain throughout the afternoon and intermittent patches of blue sky here and there, so we mostly enjoyed a leisurely drive through the park.  Spring is still coming on up here and summer is not quite here yet.

Never Summer Range
At the top of Trail Ridge Road, we enjoyed the spectacular views of the Never Summer Range.  The tundra is still dressed in ochres and browns, but here and there are hints of green coming and a few wildflowers starting to bloom.

Brilliant Beetle
Down in the lower regions of the park there are many flowers in bloom.  I stopped to see these lavender and white blooms in order to positively identify them and discovered this marvelous beetle in jeweled tones!

The next couple of weeks are going to continue to be busy with our upcoming move.  I also have some fun travel plans in the works which I hope to tell you about soon!  For a hint, visit Susan Branch's blog!


suz said…
thanks for sharing the lovely photos - and you are going to England! how wonderful - on the QEII?
Susan Elliott said…
Those owlets!!!! And then the Great One too!!! I'm soooo jealous. It looks absolutely wonderful. So glad that you had special moments...I think your Mom may have had a hand in your seeing those owls...owls are messengers from the spirit world...and they bridge the corporal world with the spiritual world. Just a thought...

Are you really going to England??? What a GREAT THING!!!!
Anonymous said…
Is it real or a dream?)))) How beatiful! thank you for a miracle photoes

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