Packing Underway!

Mollie ~ Queen of the Boxes
Mollie Kitty loves being able to sit as high up as she can get on the boxes!

Thomas amidst the packing
Thomas isn't quite so sure about all the changes taking place.

I must admit that I am feel more like Thomas at this point.  Though I look forward with anticipation to what I hope will be a some wonderful changes to come!  For now, I'm a little tired of packing and of saying goodbye.  But soon, there will be new things to look forward to ~ a new job, eventually a new home, hopefully some dreams come true (maybe a trip to Great Britain?), and most of all, being near my kids again!


Dawn said…
All the best to you in the new venture!
A trip to GB? Fabulous!!!!
Adrienne said…
Praying for your in these days of transition and change. The good part about saying 'goodbye' is that you soon get to start saying 'hello'!
Marty52 said…
Speaking from the very recent experience of moving back to Colorado... the best of these is being near you kids... it's grand!
Tatkis said…
Packins can be so tiresome!
Good luck with your move (I love your cats :) )

Susan Elliott said…
Hang in there Lisa. It's a lot to go through and I'm pulling for you...of course, it would be even better if I were there to help you unpack a box or two...are you moving into your parents old house?

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