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In the aftermath of all the past month's travails, comes the clearing out of my mother's house.  She did so many things and accumulated so many treasures and other bits, that there is no way for our family to absorb it all.  So as we clear things out and prepare to sell her house, I've taken to recording some of the things that we are unable to keep.

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My mother had a long time interest in archeology and along with that, the pottery and basketry of the early southwest native americans.  She collected a few pieces and learned to make others in the traditional ways.  Here I've shown a few of them in my Artist Journal Sketchbook.


Your journal pages are beautiful and what a wonderful way to remember all your mother's treasures!
Julie said…
I agree, a wonderful way to remember your mother's talents and interests and I would imagine quite cathartic for you too. Much better than just clearing everything away with nothing to remember. We had to clear my mother's house when she went into care with dementia and I was sad that we had to part with so much and had very little time to make decisions.
hpk said…
Fun that you captured these things in drawings! (The incense burner was a trinket I picked up at a school bazaar. Funny that she kept it all these years.) hpk
Laurie said…
Awesome work Lisa, I love your artwork.
Anonymous said…
That is so beautiful.
A treasure and an inspiration for me. Great way to give away things and keep them at the same time.
that was me ~~ it zipped off as anonymous before I could blink!

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