An Afternoon Trip

Thank you to everyone who has left comments or e-mailed me and offered prayers and encouragement regarding my Mother.  It means so very much to me and to all my family.  My mother continues in a delicate and critical condition at this time, and while we have seen some minor improvements in the past few days, there is still a long way to go.

Today, thanks to the generosity of the Uncle of one of my co-workers in Arizona, who lives near here, I was able to get away for the afternoon into the mountains.
Beautiful Garden
First we stopped for a look at his lovely mountain home and gardens with enormous hedges of hydrangea and fuchsias.

Garden Arch
It is the dry season here, so I understand that it isn't as green and lush as it is during the rainy season, but it is still lovely!  And though it is "dry" it was a misty afternoon ~ just not raining as it does in the rainy season!

Forest path
We took a walk down into the forest ~ everything covered with many varieties of moss and fern.  Those steps are steep and the rope handrail a complete necessity!

Amazing Forest
The view into the forest is amazing ~ so green and lush.

Every Branch a Garden
Every horizontal surface turns into a garden for a host of other plants, even if it's just a tree limb growing across the path.

Coffee Plantations
Lower on the mountainsides, there are fields of coffee, some with a natural bio-diverse shade cover of native trees, some with artificial covers  ~ tents that cover entire hillsides and others such as these where the coffee is allowed to enjoy the full sunlight.  It was a lovely break.

It has been so heartening to find unexpected new friends in a country far from home during a time of trouble.  God has been so good to us.


Linda Jo said…
Haven't been to your blog in awhile. Sorry to hear about your mom.... but sounds like all the right things have happened. Remembering her and YOU in my prayers....
Susan Elliott said…
OH So much lush and green! Doesn't it make you want to stitch something green and lots of leaves? I hope your Mom is doing better today..I've been gone all day so I'm off to check Facebook for the update. Love to you...Susan
JustGail said…
I missed the news about your Mom - I hope she's feeling better soon.

It's odd to see plants we keep in the house most of the year growing out in the open. I had no clue they could get so large.

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