Published Again!

Amidst the grief of the past week, there have been bright spots.  I wanted to share a few of them with you.

Published again!
Today, when I picked up my mail from the last two weeks, I found my copy of Lowe's Creative Ideas and in it the photograph I sold a while back!  It was a lovely surprise as I had forgotten all about it!

Desert Region Spring 2012 Edition
They publish 11 different regional issues, and my photo is in the Desert Region Spring 2012 edition!

Rodrigo & Lisa
While in Costa Rica, a friend of mine at work put me in touch with her Uncle Rodrigo.  From the first phone call, he was a friend.  He is a retired surgeon from Atlanta, Georgia, now back in his home country of Costa Rica.  He was the most kind hearted and compassionate man, who was generous with his hospitality, time and medical knowledge.  My sister and I are indebted to him for all that he did for us while in Costa Rica with our Mom.  He made a difficult path much smoother and gave up a week of his busy life to assist us.  He truly was our Guardian Angel while we were there.

Costa Rica 3
Rodrigo's home was beautiful and surrounded by lush flowers and plants.

Rodrigo's Patio
In the mornings, the back patio was a haven of color and light.

Costa Rica 2
What a joy to wake up to such beauty!

Rodrigo's Patio
The flowers were such a lift to my heart each day.

Collared Dove
We returned home to northern Arizona and snow!  The Collared doves were at the feeder as were a Red Shafted Northern Flicker and many others throughout the snow storm.

18+ inches of snow and counting
It felt like mid-winter as the inches of snow piled up.  Here there are about 18" of snow on the ground. We ended up with between 24" and 29" of snow where I live!  At first I was unhappy about the snow, but it gave me a day to rest and regroup and for that I am very thankful.  Today the sun is peeping in and out of the clouds and the ground is warm enough that the snow is already beginning to melt.  I'm glad of that as I travel to Colorado in the morning to plan a Celebration of my Mother's life for this coming Saturday and to begin the process of settling my parent's estate.


Dawn said…
Happy for that bright spot!
Adrienne said…
I've been praying for you, my friend. I love the way the Lord sends special surprises just when we need them! I'll continue to pray as you celebrate your mother's life and as you work on settling the estate.
BECKY said…
Hi Lisa, I just discovered your blog through a google search, and am so glad I did. Love your projects, and admire your talent!!

I am so sorry to hear about your Mom's passing. May God comfort and keep you and your family through this difficult time. My Mom and Dad both passed through heaven's gates in 2004. Such a strange thing, isn't it? Just so glad I know where they are!!

We are busy planning weddings for two of our daughters that are only 7 weeks apart, but when that is over, I will be visiting you regularly! Just love your blog!

Joy and blessings to you,
Anonymous said…
Today is Sunday and I'm hoping yesterday went well for you and your family. I was thinking of you and all the beautiful things in your BLOG that have made my life so much brighter and I just wish I could do something for you. God Bless and keep you, Mary
Susan Elliott said…
I woke up this morning and thought of you. Wondered how you're feeling one week later. Even though it hurts, it's good to take in all that sadness and let yourself really feel it. Just wanted you to know I said a prayer for you today. Much love, Susan

P.S. You have an automatic enrollment in my next needlebook class.

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