3 Ripple Swatches
I've been looking up patterns for ripple afghans and making swatches!  There is enough yarn to make a decent sized afghan and I'd really like for this to be a project that gets finished this autumn/winter season.

Ripple Swatch
The first ripple swatch I tried is from Crochet Cabana.  It crocheted up quickly, and was quite easy, but I don't like the holes occurring in the valleys.  If they also occurred at the peaks, I'd probably be happier with it.  As it is, I thought it comes out looking a bit messy.

Attic 24 Swatch
The second swatch was made by following instructions from Attic 24.  It crochets up very quickly and has a nice soft feel to it.  It makes efficient use of the yarn as well.

Traditional Ripple Swatch
The third swatch is a pretty traditional ripple afghan stitch from Caron.  It is my favorite as far as looks go. And I love the texture of the ribs.  But the swatch feels awfully stiff, and it takes much more time to crochet all those rows and it uses more yarn.  If I did choose this one, I'd use a larger needle size, just to soften the feel of it and use 6 stitches on the slopes rather than 4.  Using half double crochet stitches instead of a single crochet might also help it go faster.  Guess I need to make another swatch!

Which would you choose?

I'm really leaning towards the Attic 24 ripple as I think it would make the most use of the yarn I have and the overall feel of it would be cozier.  

p.s. I'm still working on finishing the Cream/White Crazy Quilt.  There was a lot of hand stitching to sew the lace down and to tack the flannel batting to the front.  It's taking me much longer than I thought it would!


Anonymous said…
If we are voting, I'd vote for Attic 24. This will make a lovely afghan. You are so talented. Jane in MO
Leslie said…
Attic 24 for me also. I like the more gentle, not-so-peaky, line of ripples. The traditional one gives me the jitters to look at. Pretty yarn color, very organic.
JustGail said…
#3 for Attic 24. Somehow it just looks the softest and coziest. Love the colors!
Marty52 said…
I like the Attic 24 one the best, too. All the stuff she makes always looks soooo cozy!
Rose Anne B said…
I too like the Attic 24 - very similar to the one my Mom made for me but her's were knitted. Good luck my dear. Love the colours of yarn too!
Anonymous said…
I too sincerely like the attic 24 but I also like the looks of the traditional ripple. I guess I would go with soft and cumfy:) Mary
Cathy said…
Hi Lisa,
Good to hear you are home and doing better! Like all the other ladies, I like the Attic 24 pattern best. And I am feeling the need to get out the afghan I started crocheting last winter - between your post and the cold rainy weather today, the time is ripe! Hugs, Cathy
Karen said…
I'd go for the Attic 24 ripple ... have made an afghan using that pattern adn it is very fast and looks great. I knew right away looking at your swatches before reading that one of them was that ripple and I like that swatch the best.
hpk said…
It's unanimous. I like the middle one the best. I think the organic simple look of the pattern goes best with the colors of yarns you're using. After that you can teach me how to do the pattern Sissy! :D (And a popcorn stitch one too!) Nice to have a talented sis. hpk
Adrienne said…
What a hard choice! I love the colors and can't wait to see it when you've finished. I like the one from 24 best, I think!
FredaB said…
First of all Everything takes longer than we think it will. At least that is the case with me.

I to like Attic 24. Nice looking and if it feels the best and uses less yarn then #3 I would go with it.

Hope all is well.


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