Autumn in the Air

Sequoia Produce
Autumn is in the air no matter where one looks right now.  From the charming farm stand I stopped at in California...

Sequoia Cones
to the forest floor in the Sierra, where the cones seem to be dropping from the trees.  I loved this vignette of old cones vs new ones.

For the first time since I've lived in Flagstaff, the oak trees here are loaded with ripening acorns.  There are no pristine leaves here this autumn; they got pretty beat up in the massive hailstorm we had a few weeks ago.  It won't affect them as they change to beautiful shades of golden ochre in the coming weeks though!

Nana's Eggs
The woman at the farm stand told me I "had" to look at the eggs they'd just gotten because they were so pretty.  They were!  And since I was going to buy eggs when I got home anyway, I bought a dozen.  So pretty, one almost hates to crack them open!

Autumn in White
Some white pumpkins came home with me too!  Love that there are still bits of vine attached!

Shades of Grey
This lovely soft wool from my mother's weaving stash is begging to made into an afghan.  There is lots of it and I think  a ripple afghan is in the works!


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