Travels with Jonathan

I'm feeling so well after my surgery, that Jonathan and I decided to head south towards Tucson for three days before he left. He likes to take photographs as much as I do, so we travel together very well! Our first stop was Montezuma Well National Monument.

Montezuma Well trail
Spring was well underway here and near the water the trees were lush and green while the top was still very much desert. I love the path through the trees and all the blooming wildflowers!

Montezuma Well Outlet
We walked down to the outlet to view the 1,000 year old irrigation ditch, which to me is one of the prettiest spots in Arizona.

Yellow Columbine
The yellow columbines were blooming!

Arizona Sycamore
The Arizona Sycamores with their white and shades of grey puzzle bark were reaching for the sky over the rim of the well.

Montezuma Castle
A few miles down the road, we stopped to see Montezuma Castle National Monument and it's spectacular cliff dwelling.

Engelmann Prickly Pear
After getting our hotel room in Tucson, we went out to Saguaro National Park East for a preview. The Engelmann Prickly Pear were all budded and blooming! Such lush blossom buds!

Saguaro in bloom
The saguaro were just starting to bloom as well!

Saguaro Sunset
Saguaro cactus make for some wonderful sunset photographs! How lovely to be outside without needing a sweater, even at dusk! (It's still quite chilly in Flagstaff!)

Cat Claw Acacia (I think)
The next day we took a more leisurely look at Saguaro East. A walk along one of the washes revealed all sorts of interesting trees in bloom, like this Cat Claw Acacia.

Mesquite Tree in bloom
Lots of yellow blooms in the desert, such as these long blooms on the Velvet Mesquite.

Saguaro in bloom
And of course, there were more blooming saguaro to see! It's almost like all the branches are holding wedding bouquets!

Cholla Flowers
The Cholla were blooming with wine red flowers and the brightest yellow stamens and pollen!

Prickly Pear Bloom with Bee
The prickly pear blossoms start off bright yellow...

Prickly Pear Cactus Bloom
And as they age, turn a lovely peach color! They are just loaded with pollen and lots of insect and bird activity!

Cholla wood
Even the old skeletons of the cholla cactus is interesting. Love the patterns and color. Jonathan called it Tarantula wood and I must admit that I'm quite glad I didn't find any lurking!

San Xavier del Bac
On our third day, we visited the San Xavier del Bac Cathedral. The stunning white tower against the deep blue sky is stunning!

San Xavier del Bac 1
The morning sun was creeping over the wall. I loved the effect of light and shadow.

San Xavier del Bac Altar
Inside the Cathedral, the gilded altar immediately captures attention. They still had lilies decorating the front from Easter.

San Xavier del Bac ceiling
I love the painted domed ceilings and effect of folds of fabric.

San Xavier del Bac decor
This motif runs all around the church. The rope is the "Tie that Binds" all believers together in the church. The two "fabric" layers below that are the hem of Aaron's robe, decorated with pomegranate and tassels.

San Xavier del Bac vestmant
In the associated museum, they detail the history of the San Xavier Mission going back to the late 1700's. One of the displays includes this magnificent hand embroidered vestment that I love. Amazing embroidery!

Saguaro Blossoms n buds
Before heading back to Flagstaff, we made a stop at Saguaro National Park West. We found a saguaro with blooms and buds at eye level! Usually they are way over ones head! I love the texture of the buds.

Saguaro Pictographs
Our last stop before returning home, was to see the pictographs at the Signal Hill picnic area in Saguaro. In all the times I've been to Saguaro, I'd never stopped to see them. It never fails to amaze me how things such as this were created with the most rudimentary tools!

Here is Conrad, Jonathan's beautiful Australian Shepherd, who traveled with us. He loves to sit in chairs! I think he was feeling a little left out while Jonathan and I were working on a project! Now they have headed back to Colorado. The apartment is very quiet, but I'm using the time to finish a couple of projects and I'm enjoying a little more time off before I have to be back at work!


Phyllis said…
I'm glad you're feeling so well. The pictures are beautiful (and in the previous post as well). Conrad is gorgeous, and your son ain't bad either :)
Cathy said…
Welcome back, Lisa! I’m glad the surgery went well. Your photos are gorgeous, as usual. I see you visited San Xavier again.... can’t blame you. You were only a half hour away from Tubac and my relatives. Someday we’ll be down there at the same time and can go walking together (and then I’ll show you some cool shops, LOL!) Happy Spring! Hugs, Cathy
Kate said…
Delighted to hear that you are recovering well.
What a fantastic trip - such stunning photographs.
Susan Elliott said…
Wow! I love seeing your photojournals from your travels. I always feel like I've been along with you.

I am MOST glad that you were feeling well enough to take a trip with Jonathan. It sounds magical. And a great way to start this next phase of your life.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your remaining time at home. xo Susan
Donna said…
Wonderful photos!!!
Anonymous said…
So wonderful to have you back and ready to share everything with us. I love all your pictures and I'm soooo curious to know/see what projects you are working on. Enjoy your time off. Mary
Adrienne said…
I'm so glad to hear you are doing well. The photos of your trip are absolutely gorgeous! Have a wonderful Mother's Day - full of some happy surprises!
Anonymous said…
Great photos, Lisa, wonderful colours and the church is amazing!
Val xx
Linda said…
Your photographs are so wonderful! I can "see" the place as if I am actually there. Thank you so much for all the lovely images.
JustGail said…
Welcome back, and I'm happy the surgery went well and you were up to a mini-vacation with your son. Arizona in early May has been added to my "someday" travels, based on your lovely photos. Unfortunately it will have to wait, as current schedules only allow for vacations in July-mid August.

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