Happy Mother's Day!

It seems appropriate on this Mother's Day to post a picture of both my Mom and my Dad (with me at 4 months of age) today.

My Dad had a significant stroke on Friday and is in observation for a few days before they determine if he needs nursing home or hospice care.

Thankfully, I'm doing well enough after my surgery to have made the drive home to be with my family.

My Mom has been taking care of my Dad, who has advanced Alzheimer's, at home and doing an amazing job of it. At nearly 80, she is still involved in many activities with the Garden Club, Bird Club, Busy Bees, Bowling and playing MahJong.
She is an amazing woman!


Sweet Sue said…
Warm wishes to you and and family at this difficult time. Safe journeys to you and Happy Mothers Day.
Julie said…
So sorry to hear about your father Lisa. Look after yourself. x
Yvonne Moxon said…
A beautiful picture lisa. Sad to hear that your father is unwell. Your Mum sounds like a wondeful woman, active, busy and caring :)
suz said…
I'll be keeping your folks and you in my prayers.
Adrienne said…
Oh, Lisa -
I'm just catching up a bit today and read your words. My heart is touched by what you and your dear mother and family are going through as you watch the one so special to your hearts. And wait. You are in my prayers and will continue to be there. Thank you for sharing the sweet photo of you with your parents. What a treasure!
JustGail said…
Sorry to read about your dad.
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your dad Lisa!!!! I had a tiny surgery and am just now checking my e-mails and you. Good to hear you are doing okay but be very careful! I love your new banner. Wrapping you in hugs and prayers. Mary

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