February Projects

Stitching Journal Entries, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
My Stitching Journal is where I jot down ideas and plans for projects as they come together in my mind. Usually, I work pretty spontaneously, with minimal planning, but every now and then, I need to put things down on paper to make sense of them. As I've been working on the Cream/White quilt, I wasn't sure where to go with it once the blocks were completed, but then I remembered that I have a very long length of filet crochet trim with roses in the design that would make a wonderful border! Suddenly the finishing all seemed to come together, so I captured it in my book so I wouldn't forget when the time comes!

Fairy Block
Another project I'm thinking about is this fairy block. I made it well over a year ago and it has been languishing in a box since then. what fun to get it out and start dreaming about possibilities! I've been collecting milky white flower beads for this and looking at silk ribbon flowers to make for this block. Can't wait to get started!

Hearts Wall Hanging
I've also been finishing up a few smaller projects, such as this little heart banner.

Hearts Detail
I love how the velvet takes on so much dimension when appliqued to the patchwork! And how the stitching adds yet more texture as well as adding a layer of pattern. There is something so satisfying about making the little patchwork backgrounds for these!


Deb said…
Good luck with all your planned projects. I love the heart banner. Your work is always so lovely. You inspire creativity in others. Thank you!
stitchinglife2 said…
Your journal is so neat! As Deb says, your work is always lovely, so pretty.
Wendy said…
Your heart banner is beautiful. I really love the background stitches you've used, such an simple idea (says the girl wh'd never think of it herself!!) but what an amazing effect.
Susan Elliott said…
It's so relaxing to stop by your blog. I think your journals are just as beautiful as your stitching.

The fairy's garment on your green fairy block reminded me of the post I did recently "Let There Be Light" which included Chanel's collection where the clothes completely glowed on the runway. This fairy has a luminescence that is similar. I added a link to the video because you could catch the lightness better by watching rather than photos.

You, your work, your life...it's beautiful. xo Susan
Linda Jo said…
I love it all. But I really love the heart banner, too....because it's something I could possibly do!!! And, like Wendy said...those stitches in the background make it... I would NEVER have thought to do those. I would've been stitching in the ditch or outlining the blocks. Beautiful!
Devon said…
How exciting,,,cant wait to see what you do with the fiary block..
Tatkis said…
Such a beautiful heart banner! And I hope to see the fairy project soon :)

Best wishes,
Beautiful projects! All the lace and pretty stitches...and the heart banner is lovely. I can't wait to see how the fairy block will look like. I love fairies and I love your work.
Ana Paula
JustGail said…
I've been stopping by for months, and enjoying your stitching. Could you tell us more about your stitching journal? Do you use a special brand of book? What do you use for the drawings?

I have a Moleskine, but pencils are about all I can use since it seems most pens bleed right through. Not that I remember to use it enough anyway.
Red Heads said…
Just found your blog. It is absolutely exquisit. Your work is soo lovely. A talented lady. I am sooo happy I came upon it. Blessings: Dianne.

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